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Blitz: Slow London Crime Drama

  • Aidan GillenJason Statham...
  • Thriller
  • Elliott Lester
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Omar Atef
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Blitz: Slow London Crime Drama
Based on a book by the same author who wrote the novel on which London Boulevard was based , Blitz is the story of detective sergeant Tom Brant (Statham), an edgy, alcoholic police officer that doesn’t play by the rules. Serial killer Barry Weiss (Gillen), who calls himself the ‘Blitz’, starts killing police officers in a random sequence, and it’s up to Brant to put an end to the murders and hunt down the killer.

So with the help of the newly recruited officer Porter Nash (Considine) and his just-out-of-rehab friend Elizabeth Falls (Ashton), he must stop Blitz before he finds himself the next victim.

Blitz gets off to a solid, well-written and well-directed start, where you’re introduced to all the main characters within the first fifteen minutes Unlike other films of the same genre, Blitz gives insight into the murderer’s past through several flashbacks that explain how he came to be a psychopath and serial cop killer.

Blitz has a decent story that is complemented by realistic acting. Considering the film revolves purely around Statham, he actually does a good job in making his character relatable; he is charismatic yet rough and brash at the same time. He does the tough, rough-around-the-edges characters better than anyone. 

The elements mentioned thus far would have you believe that Blitz is set as an action-vehicle, which it is not. This is very much a crime drama, which is a real shame; the film could do with a few action sequences to pick the pace up.

The pace slows down noticeably in the film’s second half, where it should be the other way around. The script becomes weaker, the scenes move slower, and overall the film loses its pace and edge.

This isn’t a terrible film by any means, and if you enjoy the underground London gangster scene, then Blitz is worth checking out.

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360 Tip

Director Elliot Lester's background is actually in music videos and commercials. With over a hundred projects to his name, he has worked with the likes of Jessica Simpson and Hilary Duff.

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