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Countdown: Would You Want to Know When You’ll Meet Your Fate?‎

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Countdown: Would You Want to Know When You’ll Meet Your Fate?‎

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What if you could find out exactly when you will die? Would you want to know? Well, Countdown’s characters found out, but they sure weren’t happy about it.

Countdown follows young nurse Quinn (Elizabeth Lail) who downloads an app that tells you when you will die, and it tells her that she has just over two days to live. At first, she dismisses it, but, having encountered haunting incidents, she does some digging and discovers some truths that make her freak out. With very little time left and the clock steadily ticking away, Quinn has to find away to save her life before it is too late.

The plot could have been promising had it kept a steady pace with the central modern-horror premise, instead of residing to the classic origin of all horrors –a demon. A serial killer who chooses his victims through the app would have been a more plausible idea.

The horror aspect starts promisingly, with situations that audiences can relate to, like moving a shower curtain to make sure no one is there, or continually looking behind you while walking late at night. However, the visions that the characters have lack the scare factor, because of the poor makeup and graphics.

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The premise also offers an interesting subplot, as well as a couple of almost successful comedy attempts, yet neither is strong enough to stand out or mend the plot holes.

For the acting, Elizabeth Lail had more charisma, likability, and talent than most horror film leads – even though the feature itself didn’t help. Lail was able to get audiences to care about her character because she gave it some depth.

Quinn’s sister, Talitha Bateman, also gave a strong performance, which strengthened the film’s reliance on the relationship between the two sisters, especially at the end. Playing a doctor at Quinn’s hospital, Peter Facinelli was very believable as a creep and a manipulator.

Even though Countdown drifted away from what could have been an excellent horror movie, it’s good enough for a fun night at the movies with friends if all you are looking for are some jump scares and half-decent characters.



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