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Drive Angry

Drive Angry: Cage’s Return From Hell

  • Amber HeardNicolas Cage...
  • 3DAction & Adventure...
  • Patrick Lussier
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Omar Atef
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Drive Angry: Cage’s Return From Hell

John Milton is a
revengeful father (Cage) who escapes from Hell to hunt down a group of men led
by Jonah King (Burke), who killed his daughter and kidnapped his granddaughter.
Accompanied by a smoking hot sidekick (Heard) that he rescues along the way,
and pursued by the Accountant (Fichtner), who aims to bring him back to Hell,
Milton will stop at nothing till he gets his revenge.

Drive Angry’s plot is the last
element that should be taken seriously in such a film. Audiences simply know
what they’re getting into before buying their tickets. The plot is just silly and unrealistic, providing a weak fodder for the film’s action scenes. Fifteen minutes into
the film, you’ll stop questioning the logic in the plot and characters and just

The film’s cast
seems very old and tired. It’s not about their physical age; but the same old,
tried-and-tested formula of one-dimensional characters in a 3D film. You have the revenge-thirsty man, sexy
sidekick chick, and the villain that must be killed. That’s it. To make matters
worse, Nicolas Cage plays half-dead throughout the film with very few memorable
lines. His blonde wig is distracting and rather inappropriate for a tough
bad-ass who supposedly broke loose from Hell.

Heard just looks
like she fell out of an American Pie film
and landed on the set of Drive Angry.
Even though she’s attractive, it’s not enough for her to be part of any film. As
the main villain; Burke could have definitely been more threatening. Instead, he
gets beaten up and slapped by Heard throughout the film, which made audiences
want to get out of their chairs and help the poor man. William Fichtner is the
real deal here, playing the cool, careless and unintentionally funny
accountant, sent directly on Satan’s orders to bring Cage back to Hell. He has
the best lines in the picture and does a fine job delivering them too.

Usually, we can
agree that if a film is a good action vehicle, then the plot, acting and
cinematography can take a back seat. Sadly though, this isn’t the case in Drive Angry. The car chases are plain
boring and nowhere near creative. Director Patrick Lussier even ripped off a
direct scene from Clive Owen’s Shoot ‘Em Up,
where Cage shoots the bad guys while still making love to the waitress. Plagiarism
is never a good sign.  

As for the 3D
filming; instead of blowing the audience away, it was car parts that were
actually being blown away and thrown poorly in our faces. Yes, the 3D works, but
it isn’t impressive at all; it felt like the producers were testing 3D scenes
on us before shooting the real thing..

Anyone expecting
Drive Angry to be Cage’s return to his glory as an action star will be disappointed.
If Drive Angry was meant to be a
trashy film; then it succeeds at it. Then again, there’s good trash and there’s
bad trash.

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360 Tip

Director Patrick Lussier’s first action film. He’s known for making horror films.

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