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I Am Number Four

I Am Number Four: Action-Packed Teen Flick

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Omar Atef
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I Am Number Four: Action-Packed Teen Flick

Following the Hollywood trend of
books-turned-films, I Am Number Four
is based on the book series written by Pittacus Lore (aka Jobie Hughes and
James Frey).

When other planets are no longer safe for them, nine alien children and
their guardians from the Planet Lorien face no other option but to hide and live
on Planet Earth. Even with keeping a low profile and hiding in separate cities,
they’re still being hunted down one by one by their enemies, the Mogadorians.
When three of them are killed, John Smith (Pettyfer) is next on the list as number four.

Accompanied by his guardian Henri (Olyphant) and his high-school
sweetheart Sarah (Argon), they make a run to save their lives. After a number
of attempted escapes, John decides that he’ll take a stand, stop running and
fight for his existence.

When films are based on books, it doesn’t allow us much space to criticise
the story. It’s an interesting plot that combines a little of everything. In
this case, the script was fairly passable, while film’s main spotlight is on
its special effects and the intensity of its action scenes.

I Am Number Four has a solid cast:
Alex Pettyfer as John makes a good job out of what he was given, a mixture of
action and romance scenes. His performance is not over the top and judging from
the film; it’s pretty clear that he’ll be seen more often in future films.
Timothy Olyphant is great as Henri, even though he isn’t given any major scenes.
Dianna Argon plays Alex’s love interest; luckily for her that means that she
was involved in more than the usual romantic scenes – she holds her ground well
on the chase sequences too.

Aliens in general are one of the most action packed elements in films.
In I Am Number Four, it’s considered to be a battle between two alien species on Earth,
which means even more action. The film’s highlights are the fights, chases and
mind-blowing special effects, produced with attention to detail for
guaranteed satisfaction. Director
Michael Bay
(Transformers) produced this film; so
it’s more than just another teen film like Twilight.
Mixing in a bit of martial arts was a brilliant move, making it even more
exciting and adding appeal for a broader audience.

The downside to I Am Number Four
is its first half. For an action-oriented film, it starts off quite boring. The
tired story of the high school drama and John’s life as a student trying to fit
in and deal with bullies took more time than it should have.

Am Number Four
is not something that
you’ve never seen before; but it’s still good and recommended for young
audiences. If you enjoy the combination of special effects and a little bit of
romance, then you’ll get a kick out of this film.

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360 Tip

Sharlto Copley (District 9) was cast as Henri, but dropped out due to scheduling conflicts.

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