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I.T.: Cliched, Uninteresting & Just Downright Exasperating Thriller

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Marija Loncarevic
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I.T.: Cliched, Uninteresting & Just Downright Exasperating Thriller

There’s a lot that can be said about John Moore’s high-tech stalker-thriller, but unfortunately not much of it is very positive. Using just about every single cliché in the book, I.T is a poorly conceived idea playing against a poorly defined premise which, although promising in the beginning, is quick to fall down a rabbit hole of predictability and silliness.

The story is centered on Mike Reagan (Brosnan); a savvy businessman and the C.E.O of a Regan Aviation who is about to take his company onto new horizons with a new Uber-like app which allows private aircraft owners to sublet their jets to wealthy businessmen looking to hitch a ride in a private plane. Problems arise when Regan’s press presentation is disrupted by a technical glitch, but with the help of a new I.T temp, Ed Porter (Frecheville) the disaster is diverted.

Impressed with the young man’s skills, Mike – Brosnan offering a seemingly grounded and honest performance –invites Ed to his ultra-modern and super-smart home so that he can take a look at the Wi-Fi issues he’s been having.

Despite their blossoming friendship, Ed develops a keen interest in Mike’s seventeen year-old daughter. After confronting Ed about his unacceptable behavior, Mike, his family and their high-tech household soon come under siege with Ed successfully hacking into his employer’s system looking for some sort of retribution.

Despite its high-tech setup I.T – not to be confused with the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s horror-classic IT – feels surprisingly washed out and dated. Tainted with a desperately formulaic structure, director John Moore – see A Good Day to Die Hard, Max Payne – manages to start things off on a relatively positive note, but Ed’s systematic and painfully predictable house-invasion attack is when the movie begins to crumble.

With very little suspense or build-up, the seemingly recycled story unfold in a highly forced manner, with the director offering very little focus, stride or originality along the way. In addition the uninteresting villain’s often-laughable psychotic behavior is driven by some vague mental health issues that are never fully explained.

While it attempts to offer insight on the dangers that the tech world could and has presented, it doesn’t come close to exploring it intelligently as has been done in TV shows such as Mr. Robot and Black Mirror, leaving not very much to speak of for I.T.

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