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Just Go with It

Just Go With It: Reliable Sandler Comedy

  • Adam SandlerBrooklyn Decker...
  • ComedyRomance
  • Dennis Dugan
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Omar Atef
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Just Go With It: Reliable Sandler Comedy

Plastic surgeon Dr.
Danny Maccabee (Sandler) has spent his life wearing a fake wedding ring and
appearing heartbroken to attract women. Then he meets the girl of his dreams, a
schoolteacher named Parker (Decker). When she sees the ring, she demands to
meet his so-called ex-wife so that she can get to know her and make sure that
she has her blessing. That leads to more people lying as Danny asks his
divorced office assistant Katherine (Aniston) to pose as his ex. Soon enough,
her kids are also drawn into the story as their own children, and they all travel
together to Hawaii
for a family holiday.

Just as most
comedies go these days, a predictable plot is an everyday plot. Previews of Just Go with It show exactly where the
story is going from beginning to end. It’s your typical Sandler comedy, where
you don’t need to focus on the details of the story – it’s the material that
counts. Presenting a well-known storyline that’s been made hundreds of times
before isn’t that bad as long as it’s entertaining; and it works just fine in Just Go with It.

If you’re familiar
with Sandler’s previous films, then you’ll notice that the cast is somewhat
always the same. There’s a few bunch of actors that accompany him in his films
as the supporting crew. As always, Sandler plays the guy that hasn’t grown up
yet and still cracks sarcastic jokes at everyone, some of which can
border on offensive.

Aniston does a very
fine job in delivering subtle sexiness, fresh humour and warmth to her character. Decker
is new to the film industry, but introduces herself remarkably well; her acting isn’t
over the top and quite balanced. There’s also Nick Swardson as Sandler’s
relative, who moves more noticeably into the second half of the film,
delivering some of the funniest moments, though he often goes overboard. The two child actors are also great, often getting back at Sandler and making
him the butt of their jokes.

As the story moves
to Hawaii, the filming crew captures some of
the most beautiful landscapes of Hawaii,
with helicopter long shots of amazing hotels and mountains, huge waterfalls,
and Hawaiian nightlife. Just Go with It
will make you want to head to the airport afterwards and book the very first
ticket to Hawaii.

Sandler fans will
appreciate Just Go with It. Surely it’s not his best film, but isn’t his worst either
and an obvious step up from his recent ones.

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360 Tip

The film's release date is February 11, 2011, which is Jennifer Aniston’s birthday

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