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Kung Fu Panda 2

Kung Fu Panda 2: Fun Animated Action Sequel

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  • Jennifer Yu
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Omar Atef
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Kung Fu Panda 2: Fun Animated Action Sequel

becoming the Dragon Warrior, Po (Black) is now living a life that he could
never have imagined. Between cooking noodles in his dad’s restaurant and
mastering the art of Kung Fu, Po protects his peaceful village with the help of
the unstoppable Furious Five – Tigress (Jolie), Crane (Cross), Mantis (Rogen),
Viper (Liu), and Monkey (Chan). However, when a new villain called Shen
(Oldman) appears, they must travel across China in order to stop him from destroying the world. Their mission
becomes more than just about fighting Lord Shen, as Po also tries to discover
where he came from before being adopted.

that this sequel was in the works one week after the first film’s
release, the plotline isn’t that creative or different from the original. As a
matter of fact, the plot is just the same as the original, with the only
exception of Po obtaining great martial arts skills. A new villain is simply
thrown in the mix for yet another fun adventure, which isn’t a terrible thing
considering how entertaining the film is.

One thing worth mentioning about this sequel is
that its makers have taken a very serious approach to the storytelling, and so
it at times delves into a darker and grimmer exploration of Po as a character.
The story arc treats Po like a true archetypal hero, and so this isn’t
necessarily a happy-go-lucky guy. Yes, even pandas can be complex. Despite
this, every scene is captivating, and so anything that flies over the heads of
a younger audience is usually compensated with a sparkling fight
scene, or a harmless slapstick joke.

expected, the fight scenes in Kung Fu
Panda 2
are as good as Po’s first adventure. Only here there’s more of it,
luckily for us! The scenes are well-choreographed, impressively creative, and
most importantly, incredibly hilarious. Kung
Fu Panda 2
is equipped with nicely executed 3D effects, which is
understandable considering this film was produced by DreamWorks Animated
Studios, the same creaters of How
to Train Your Dragon

All in all, Kung
Fu Panda 2
is a fun 3D experience for both kids and adults. Although
it lacks the charm of the first film and has a weaker plot than the original,
it’s nonetheless an entertaining and funny animation for everyone.

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360 Tip

The character of Shen was originally created for the first film, but was written out of the final script before production.

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