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Last Vegas

Last Vegas: Four Hollywood Giants, One Bachelor Party

  • Michael DouglasMorgan Freeman...
  • Comedy
  • John Turteltaub
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Marija Loncarevic
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Last Vegas: Four Hollywood Giants, One Bachelor Party

There was once a time when the idea of an ensemble cast full of big names was considered a big deal. However, more often than not, the expectations riled by colossal star-power are insurmountable; a folly that Last Vegas falls into from minute one.

Meet Billy (Douglas); a seventy year-old bachelor who has finally decided to tie the knot. Upon hearing of his marriage plans to Lisa (Blair) – a woman more than half his age – his rowdy childhood buddies, Archie (Freeman) and Sam (Kline), insist on one last hurrah and a much-needed bachelor party in Las Vegas.

Having suffered a mild stroke some months ago, Archie in particular is excited at the prospect of blowing some pension money away on Blackjack, while Sam’s down-and-out marriage receives a peculiar boost, of sorts; he has permission from his wife Miriam (Gleason) to have a one-night stand – just as long as she never finds out.

Unfortunately, there is one problem that the ‘Flatbush Four’ are facing; the fourth member of the group, Paddy (De Niro), isn’t as keen as his pals. However, reining him in under false pretences, the old boys are reunited once more and soon, in true Las Vegas style, a series of bizarre scenarios put the foursome – and their friendships – to the ultimate test.

Over the course of his impressive film career, De Niro has been known to dip from one genre to another and there’s very little that the award-winning actor cannot handle. However, his Last Vegas turnout is mediocre at best, whilst Douglas remains likable throughout, despite being the source of few comedic moments. Meanwhile, both Freeman and Kline are given a little more room to explore their characters and have fun with them.

Directed by Jon Turtletaub and written by Dan Fogelman, it could be argued that Last Vegas is riding on the coattails of The Hangover series. Last Vegas is, naturally, a little less outrageous and a little more composed. The comedy is funny, but forgettable; the gags are a little on-the-nose and abundance of sexual innuendos is a little crass.

And so overall, Last Vegas is both unoriginal and underdeveloped. However, watching the famous four rediscovering their youth is often amusing, even if the film is filled with predictable story beats. 

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360 Tip

Though the four male leads had crossed paths before at various times in their careers, this marks the first ever joint venture for all four men.

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