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Gemini Man

Gemini Man: Taking Self-Struggle to a Whole New Level

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Gemini Man: Taking Self-Struggle to a Whole New Level

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Gemini Man follows skilled hitman, Henry Brogan (Will Smith), who, having decided to retire, soon realises his government is trying to kill him using a very special operative who knows his every move. The notion of the operative being his son is discussed, but the reality is much more extreme as the operative is a younger, stronger, and, in fact, a cloned version of Henry himself.

The concept of the plot seems like a no brainer: of one of the best agents fighting with a younger and stronger version of himself. Thankfully, the film understands that and does not have Henry annihilating his clone in an implausible way. Instead, the fight keeps on going with most of the small victories being achieved by the clone.

There were significant issues through the action scenes and the fights between Henry and his clone, as they seemed ridiculously fake. The technology used to supposedly make the fight better actually made them cartoonish, casting an overall shadow of ridiculousness on the film.

The younger version of Will Smith is actually pretty realistic though, with his face resembling Smith’s in The Fresh Prince of Bel Air’s era. While playing the older Henry, Will Smith is more ragged, looking older than usual, to make the 25-year gap more plausible.

The dialogue had many issues, mainly in the forced, expositional nature of lines by both the older Henry and his clone, with the clone taking the much more prominent lead in that aspect.

For the acting, Will Smith’s performance as Henry was laid back, subtle, and even underplayed on several occasions. Smith’s performance as the clone, on the other hand, was much more expressive and could have been deeper, if it weren’t for the clichéd lines. Playing the creator of the cloning program, Clive Owen gives another villainous performance, but his character had so much room for innovation and expressive scenes, but, instead, Owen’s performance was severely underplayed.

Deeply flawed, Gemini Man wastes a huge opportunity to explore its premise on a psychological level. It will only be there in your memory as that Will Smith movie where they made him younger.



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