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Overlord: Nationalism & Gore

The whole America saves the world, and the benevolently good American soldiers thing is getting way too old. This is especially true if the film has nothing more to offer than gruesome gore scenes.

Overlord follows Private Ed Boyce (Jovan Adepo), and the rest of his American troops led by Corporal Ford (Wyatt Russell), on a mission to destroy one of the Nazis’ radio transmitting towers in German-controlled France. But on the mission, Private Boyce stumbles onto the Nazis’ secret lab where they are experimenting on dozens of humans in an attempt to create super soldiers. With the help of French native Chloe (Mathilde Olivier), the outnumbered men have to fight zombie-like Nazi super soldiers to survive. 

The film is disguised as a war movie but takes a turn towards a cliché zombie film, with the war aspect functioning just as a setting and backdrop. The flow of the film’s plot barely makes any sense and can be completely tossed out to reveal the true nature of the film: a bunch of scenes of people fighting and killing zombies.

The setting of the film was only somewhat scary; an especially scary part was when Boyce entered the labs where the Nazis were conducting their inhumane experiments. However, the sequence to follow quickly turned silly with a woman’s severed head crying out for help, and other ridiculous stunts.

As for the acting, Jovan Adepo adequately played the role of the naïve private but was not expressive enough to make his role a memorable performance. Adepo was able to convey scared and sympathetic emotions but was not able to stand out enough. Wyatt Russell’s performance was average at best, as his role represented the most cliché image of a soldier who fights dirty. Mathilde Olivier gave a noteworthy performance, especially since her role was not too big and contained few lines. Indeed, her expressions evoked emotions and she excelled in the action scenes as well.

If you are a huge gore fan and don’t care about anything beyond that, then this might be the movie for you because, beyond that, Overlord has nothing else to offer.

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360 Tip

The movie featured more practical effects rather than the standard cgi effects most movies use. This was done to get a better reaction from the actors involved in the scenes where something gruesome would happen.

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