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Peppermint: Jennifer Garner Deserves Better

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Peppermint: Jennifer Garner Deserves Better

Ever since her TV show Alias, and maybe even before that, Jennifer Garner proved that she is skilled, talented, and can nail any action film. Her fans have been waiting for a lead role that suits her style and displays her many talents but, Peppermint isn’t it. Garner definitely deserves better.

Peppermint follows Riley North, who was just another mother and wife, until her husband and daughter were brutally gunned down right in front of her. North tried to get the drug mobster who caused their death prosecuted, but because of his “connections” inside the police and judicial sectors, the case does not even go to trial and North was placed in a psych ward. North escaped and five years later she is back to avenge her family’s death the old-fashioned way: with raging anger and blazing guns.

Noticed the deja vus yet?

Well, you must have. The whole family dying, and corrupt system and avenging vigilante plotline has been beaten to death, resurrected and beaten to death all over again countless times. The film has absolutely nothing new to offer. If the filmmakers had asked themselves “why would anyone remember this film?” they probably wouldn’t have found a decent answer. They did not stray away from the standard formula, making Peppermint just another bland action feature that will fade into the array of countless other films.

The film did have some cool action sequences; from gun shootings, fist fights, and more but, again there was nothing outstanding nor memorable.

Peppermint also has some major plot gaps, like how an average mother and wife became a trained sniper, a skilled fighter, and a ruthless killer. People don’t just develop these skills because they badly want revenge, but the film left the transition completely out of the picture which created a major gap in the audience’s outlook.

As for the acting, Jennifer Garner nailed every aspect of the role and even tried to make up for the film’s faults. But unfortunately, even with an amazing performance like that, she still couldn’t save this bland feature. Garner was able to once again showoff her skills in action performances and convince the audience that an average mother can become this powerful vigilante, even if they don’t know how that side of her character came to be.

Jennifer Garner is a great actress who unfortunately has not been getting what she deserves, and Peppermint is no different. But, if you like action, have time to waste, and don’t mind seeing every cliché in the action film book, then you probably wouldn’t mind seeing this film.


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360 Tip

The film was made during the height of the #MeToo controversy, which immediately caused some noticeable changes on set, according to Jennifer Garner. Normally, she had no trouble changing her outfit on the set with crew members present. However, with story after story of sexual intimidation and abuse scandals in Hollywood, she requested to use a special changing room for doing so.

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