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Priest: Average Vampire Blockbuster

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  • Scott Charles Stewart
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Omar Atef
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Priest: Average Vampire Blockbuster
Having played an albino Opus Dei assassin in The Da Vinci Code (2006), and the Angel Michael in Legion (2009), Paul Bettany returns once again to virtue in Priest as the title character. Set in an alternate world where humans and vampires are at odds, this supernatural thriller tells the story of Priest’s kidnapped niece Lucy (Collins), and his quest to find her before she is transformed into a vampire.

Breaking his vows by embarking on this adventure, Priest is joined by his niece’s boyfriend Hicks (Gigandet), and ex-warrior Priestess (Q). The three face an army of vampires led by a mysterious super villain known as Black Hat (Urban). 

Based on the Korean comic book series of the same name, Priest is the latest summer action blockbuster to hit Cairo cinemas. It’s a modern adventure that combines a dark broody renaissance feel, killer vampires and gadgets that would put The Dark Knight to shame.

While lacking complete originality, the film manages to pass as a decent watch. However, the weak script lets down the respectable performance of the cast; Bettany, Collins and Urban all try their best in the face of some questionable dialogue.

The film was shot using 3D cameras, which makes for good but not amazing viewing; it doesn’t live up to the standard of the likes of Avavtar (2010) for example. When it comes to the action scenes, this reviewer was left disappointed. The fast pace of the editing actually works against the effectiveness of the action. The special effects and the attention to detail is great, but the editing prevents you from watching the sequences properly.

Priest is a film that doesn’t try to rip up the rule book, and instead tries to take advantage of 3D technology. Unfortunately, it ends up relying on it too much. This is one for Paul Bettany fans at least.

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Gerard Butler was originally cast to star in the film.

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