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Ralph Breaks the Internet: Mixed Feelings

If you are a sucker for best friend movies (guilty!) you will definitely love the latter half of Ralph Breaks the Internet. So, prepare your heart for about 50 minutes of some grin-inducing jokes about the internet and then a heart-warming tale about friendship that everyone can relate to.

Ralph Breaks the Internet is the sequel of the 2012 feature Wreck-It Ralph. Ralph (John C. Reilly) and Vanellope (Sarah Silverman) are best friends and go about their day goofing around, but Vanellope wants more than the safety of her predictable game Sugar Rush. In an attempt to make Sugar Rush more exciting, Ralph reprograms the entire game. But, after reprogramming, the more vigorous use of the use of the game’s steering wheel control causes it to break, and it is far too expensive for the arcade’s owner to replace. So, Ralph and Vanellope head off the newly introduced (to them, at least) internet to buy the steering wheel off eBay. However, after looking through the wide world of the internet, Vanellope finds the excitement she has been looking for in a game called Slaughter Race, while Ralph is eager to go back to his routine and take his best friend with him. As Vanellope chases her dream, Ralph becomes more and more insecure and their friendship, their dreams, and the entire internet are at stake.

The concept of the plot is actually very cool, but there were some issues with the execution; there was so much cramming of encounters and references to websites, applications, and famous characters, that the plot seemed terribly disjointed for quite some time. That is not to say that these encounters were not fun to watch, rather it is to say that they chopped up the plot into several funny situations in a manner that created a somewhat fragmented narrative.

One specific encounter, where Vanellope meets the Disney Princesses and sarcastically asks them if the appearance of “big strong men” at the end of their tales actually did end up solving all their problems, is probably one of the most hilarious, clever, and relatable parts of the film. Indeed, this encounter is definitely the ultimate highlight that, along with Vanellope’s car racing character, breaks so many gender stereotypes.

By the latter end of the second act, the film delves into its supposed message about trusting friends and the insecurities that come to exist within friendships. This is where the film shines. Ralph and Vanellope’s friendship is meltingly heartfelt, and the struggle they face when Vanellope’s dreams clash with her staying with Ralph make for amazingly relatable issues for adults and kids alike.

The animation was also very impressive with the colourful setting of the internet all beaming with detailed characters and locations.

Both John C. Riley and Sarah Silverman fit their voice roles perfectly and were able to depict their character’s personality and traits through their mere voices.

Ralph Breaks the Internet has its fun moments and an emotional message about friendship at the end, which make it worth seeing. However, whether or not it will be a film to remember is highly doubtful.

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360 Tip

At one point, Ralph arrives at a sort of "dumping ground" for the Internet and encounters "relics" from the web's past. These include an ad for the web hosting site Geocities, a large ship's helm representing Netscape Navigator, and a reference to personal chat rooms which flourished before the advent of instant messaging and texting.

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