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Rango: 2011’s Best Animation So Far

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  • Gore Verbinski
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Omar Atef
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Rango: 2011’s Best Animation So Far

In this
computer-animated Western comedy directed by Gore Verbinski, Rango (Depp) is a
chameleon who aspires to be a theatrical performer if only given a chance to
play the part, whatever role it would be. However, with a series of sudden
events, he ends up stranded in the middle of the Mojave Desert with no clue where to
go or what to do. Rango comes across the town of Dirt, where the simple residents
are in desperate need of a hero to save their lands by fixing the water supply
problem. So they make him sheriff based on the made-up heroic stories that he
came with.

As far as animated films
go these days, Rango is yet another
achievement that could easily be positioned among the classic animated features
of this century. Everything perfectly rhymes: the attention to detail is
superb, making it fun to watch the characters, even in moments where they’re not
given any lines or actions.

The choice of actors’
voices is also great; they’re not overdone with obvious accents that can often
be annoying in other animation films. Rango is a very
original character with his own kind of charm, just like Pirates of the Caribbean’s Captain Jack Sparrow: he’s amusingly
appealing and enjoyable to watch. Even with the perfect cast of Brislain,
Fisher, Molina, Nighy and Stanton, it’s Depp who steals the show.

Another pleasant
surprise in Rango is the impressive and
creative action sequences, which are guaranteed to simultaneously make you
laugh and be impressed by the animation technology. Furthermore, the brilliant composer Hans
Zimmer produced a greatly scored
soundtrack to this Western animation.

Considering that this
is the very first feature by the legendary George Lucas’ production company, Rango turned out to be even better than what
its previews promised.

It’s more than just amazing, providing you with entertaining
material that has honestly never been seen before. We highly recommend this
film for young audiences as well as adults who are interested in animation

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The Spirit of the West was modelled and based on Clint Eastwood.

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