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Rio: Yet Another Surprising Hit Animation

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  • Carlos Saldanha
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Omar Atef
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Rio: Yet Another Surprising Hit Animation

From the producers of
the Ice Age trilogy comes the new
animated feature Rio. Set in Brazil’s
city of Rio de Janeiro, this newest adventure-comedy revolves around Blu (Eisenberg),
a rare macaw that appears to be the last of his kind. It doesn’t seem to bother
him, though; as Blu is living the life that other birds could only dream of, and is ridiculously spoiled by his owner Linda (Mann).

However, with a
sudden twist of events, he meets a female bird of the same breed, Jewel (Hathaway),
who is captured in Rio. So in an attempt to save their species, Blu must travel
to Brazil to meet his perfect mate. When Blu and Jewel finally meet, it’s a
less than perfect match and the two instantly start squabbling.

However, the two birds
realise that they’re in more danger than they could possibly imagine; as greedy
thieves are trying to capture them as they are worth a fortune for being so
rare. That’s when the real adventure shifts into fun gear and takes off for forget
very enjoyable film.

Rio’s story is a
pleasant one since it carries plenty of important messages to kids, such as the
importance of preserving nature and endangered species. The plot’s setting is
also stunningly spectacular, as we’re exposed to beautiful sceneries of Brazil that
have never been featured in an animated film before. It was a
pleasant surprise to learn that Rio’s
production crew took the proper time and budget for in-depth research into Rio
De Janeiro’s streets, landscapes and culture to create this animation.

In terms of acting, Eisenberg
does more than just a good job as the confused bird who’s ashamed of his inability
to fly; Hathaway successfully maintains a thin line between the annoyingly fierce
but still lovable Jewel. The rest of the cast is pleasant, including Will.I.Am,
Jamie Foxx and George Lopez, who all delivered their lines charmingly.

Considering that this
is an animated film, it’s needless to
say that Rio is easily one of the
best films out there, raising the bar among Pixar’s classics! After all, the
film is about birds, and captures the adventure from amazing views and angles
that simulate the sense of flying and heights associated with birds.

There are numerous
positive elements that were successfully executed in Rio. It’s a fast-paced adventure filled with laugh-out-loud jokes,
an amazing and creative animation style for both kids and adults, and loads of
singing and dancing that will make you fall in love with the film; highly recommended
in 3D!

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360 Tip

This is director Carlos Saldanha’s sixth animated film.

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