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Saw 3D

Saw 3D: This Time, It’s Impersonal

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Haisam Abu-Samra
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Saw 3D: This Time, It’s Impersonal

The seventh (and
allegedly final) installment of the Saw series will be a satisfying experience for fans. By now Saw’s own parallel-universe mythology has reached new convoluted
heights, calling for systematic flashbacks throughout the film so that we can piece
the story together. And when you count on indistinguishable D-list actors to
carry seven films, there comes a point when all the faces and back stories mush
together. Jigsaw (Bell) has been dead since the third Saw film, but his minions, of which there seems be quite a few, are still hard at work; designing the next
needlessly elaborate death trap.

The original Saw film, along with Eli Roth’s Hostel, spawned a new horror genre
that came to be known as torture porn. Looking back at that first film, though;
it’s surprising how little blood it contains, and how much the plot and mystery
prevailed. Later, the Saw films proved to be a case of self-fulfilling prophecy, narrowing their focus to over-the-top
gore and the mechanics of death.

The events of Saw 3D are somewhat confusing, with many references to previous events, but the basic plot revolves around a new
character, Dr. Gordon (Elwes),
a self-help guru that released a book detailing his personal encounter with a Jigsaw
trap. Gordon’s account is purely
fictional, and someone is about to make him pay for his lies.

Gordon wakes up in
another abandoned warehouse with room after room of complex death machines,
which are referred to humorously as games. A nameless killer has assembled
Gordon’s friends and closest
co-workers, and Gordon has to save them by undergoing some of the most gruesome
self-mutilation acts of the Saw
series yet. With each friend, he’s supposed to learn a new lesson; or at least
that’s how Saw manages to justify the
bloody sadism that it subjugates its characters to.

The latest Saw film follows the same nihilistic
trajectory of its predecessors, forcing innocent characters to repent
gruesomely for white lies and oversights with copious amounts of blood. The concept
never offers any redeeming value or any kind of joy; instead, the draw comes
from testing the viewers’ tolerance.

will push your buttons, it will turn your stomach, and it will leave you
cold and shivering. So if you have been suffering this horrendous display of
death for the past six installments; there is no reason to stop now.

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360 Tip

Saw veteran editor Kevin Greutert took over directing duties one day before shooting. David Hackl was originally set to direct, but he was fired after he signed on to direct Paranormal Activity 2, Saw’s main competition.

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