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Scream 4

Scream 4: The Best of all Scream Sequels

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  • Horror
  • Wes Craven
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Omar Atef
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Scream 4: The Best of all Scream Sequels

As the
heroine of the Scream series, Sidney Prescott (Campbell) has now overcome the
tragedies of her past, and is the author of a self-help book. On her book
tour, Sidney revisits the town of Woodsboro where all the murders took place,
and is reunited with Sheriff Dewey (Arquette) and Gale (Cox), who are now
married. She also reconnects with family members, such as her cousin Jill (Roberts)
and Aunt Kate (McDonnell).

Unfortunately, her return coincides with that of the
murderer known as ‘Ghostface’. A fresh murder in the town seems to frame Sydney
as the killer, forcing her to stay in town for the investigation. Naturally,
all characters in the film are drawn into the web and one by one; characters are
killed off.

pretty excusable to state that the return of the original characters is
pure justification for yet another Scream
sequel. After more than ten years of absence, the main stars of the first film
reunite and the same Scream plot repeats itself all over again.

That being
said, the plot is a decent presentation that allows various young additions to
the cast; especially Roberts, Culkin and Panettiere. The
success of the story relies on the suspense of who the killer turns out to be in the end, which
is guaranteed to put your guessing skills to the test.

having had long careers in the film industry, the
original stars of the Scream franchise
nonetheless fail to impress. Campbell, Cox, and Arquette simply play the
same characters without any depth or development whatsoever. As negative as it
maysound, this provides a great opportunity for the younger actors
to show off their talents, which they do nicely.

Scream 4′s script is weak: you’ll find yourself hearing very similar
conversations that were held in the previous films. Lines such as ‘Look out
behind you!’ show that the writing department may have been too dependent on the director and cast to carry the film.

the most part, Scream 4 delivers the
thrills as promised. It’s obvious that director Wes Craven’s quick edits, cinematography and terrifying sound effects are the major elements that keep the
film’s engine going. Even the most predictable scenes will still have you
jumping out of your seat.

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360 Tip

Husband and wife David Arquette and Courtney Cox separated soon after filming ended on Scream 4.

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