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Secret in Their Eyes

Secret in Their Eyes: Hollywood Remake of Oscar Winning Argentine Thriller

  • Alfred MolinaChiwetel Ejiofor...
  • DramaMystery & Suspense...
  • Billy Ray
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Marija Loncarevic
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Secret in Their Eyes: Hollywood Remake of Oscar Winning Argentine Thriller

Based on 2009 Oscar-winning Argentine film titled, El Secreto de sus Ojos, Billy Ray’s Hollywood adaptation of the original looked promising from the get-go thanks to its first-class cast. Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts and Chiwetel Ejiofor are a formidable team and the plot – at least on paper – has enough gravitas to it to produce something solid. Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work out that way.

As the man behind the screenplay to 2013’s Captain Phillips, Ray also penned the adaptation and opens proceedings in 2002 with FBI Agent, Ray Caston (Ejiofor), working together with friend and partner Jess Cobb (Roberts) in LA’s counter-terrorism taskforce one year after the events of 9/11. Together with Deputy DA Claire Sloan (Kidman) the task force is busy investigating an L.A-based mosque, looking for any possible criminal activity.

Everything soon changes when, during one of their surveillance routines, Raymond and Jess discover a murder victim near the mosque which turns out to be Jess’ teenage daughter. Thirteen years later, no one has been convicted of the murder, pushing Ray to take matters into his own hands after stumbling on new leads.

Jumping back and forth between 2002 and 2015, Secret in Their Eyes worksin terms of mood and setting; a film noir-like backdrop effectively conveys the grim topics. However, even though the film manages the moving timelines with a great deal of efficiency, there’s a formulaic and unimaginative approach to the basics of the plot which strips it of having any real impact. In addition, one too many subplots – including a romantic entanglement between Kidman and Ejiofor which never really sells – are introduced and instead of focusing on the working relationship and the bond between Ejiofor – a commendable lead – and Roberts – who is captivating as the grieving mother but, criminally underused – the film seemingly lends its focus on more trivial details. 

Interesting but never as captivating as its synopsis suggests, Secret in Their Eyes is a decent dramatic thriller, but falls well short of the original – but then what remake ever does?

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360 Tip

Julia Roberts apparently handpicked Kidman to be her co-star and this is the first time that both actress have appeared together in a film.

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