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Terminator – Dark Fate: A Fresh Start

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With two disappointing sequels, the Terminator franchise tries to make things right again with its new film, Terminator: Dark Fate– even if it means starting over.

Terminator: Dark Fate follows augmented soldier, Grace (Mackenzie Davis), who is sent from the future to protect young factory worker Dani Ramos (Natalia Reyes) from a terminator Rev-9 model (Gabriel Luna) who is sent to kill her. As Grace realises that the Rev-9 is much harder to defeat, she seeks help from now-veteran terminator hunter, Sarah Connor (Linda Hamilton), and the terminator whom Sarah most despises, the T-800 (Arnold Schwarzenegger). Can the group destroy the Rev-9 and keep Dani alive to fulfill her destiny in the future?

Since the previous sequels were major let-downs, the filmmakers in this feature started anew, creating a world where whatever took place in the sequels – the John Conner future and the evil Skynet – did not even happen and were prevented.

That seems somewhat plausible enough, but then they created a new entity doing the same thing that Skynet was doing, however, this time around, they called it Legion. The filmmakers also sent someone from the future to protect the one who will save the world later; this time, the protector is a woman and not a terminator.

Even though the background of the story is thin, the feature is much better than the franchise’s last two sequels in terms of action and entertainment. The feature is also smart enough to backup the new cast with loved figures from the franchise to make the feature a little more familiar to Terminator fans.

For the acting, Mackenzie Davis does an excellent job with a performance that makes the audience wish she was there to protect them. Natalia Reyes’s performance starts averagely, but as her character grows, her performance is amplified to marvellously peak at the end of the feature.

Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger both do a great job, being the two primary sources of subtle humour in the film. Having bigger shoes to fill than he can handle, Gabriel Luna didn’t really have the evil aura to play the part.

If you are a Terminator franchise fan, then you will probably want to see an older version of the terminator and Sarah Connor, but you may not be impressed by the rest of it.

Terminator: Dark Fate may not meet the expectations yet, somehow, it still serves something familiar to an avid Terminator fan.


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360 Tip

Arnold Schwarzenegger was 71 when production began on the movie, and was 36 when the first movie was in production.

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