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The Adjustment Bureau

The Adjustment Bureau: Intelligent, Slow-Paced Thriller

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The Adjustment Bureau: Intelligent, Slow-Paced Thriller

When it comes to your
destiny, is it meant to be or controlled by a far more powerful force that’s unknown
to the human race? The Adjustment Bureau
is about a man who defies his very own fate in order to pursue the woman of his
dreams, even when he knows it might bring both their careers to an end.

David Norris (Damon) is a very successful politician
who’s on the verge of winning a great position in the U.S. Senate, after having
gone through difficult obstacles. But when the votes received aren’t as promising
as expected, he must make an important speech that will put his campaign back
on track. Before he does, he meets a beautiful ballet dancer Elise Sellas
(Blunt). As he begins to fall for her, mysterious men suddenly appear and start
to work together to keep the two apart, as they’re not destined for each other.
Despite these men’s significant efforts, David fights to stay with Elise.

Matt Damon’s films have always been crowd-pleasing hits, especially when he
acts in suspense thrillers. Who could possibly deny the enormous success of his
previous films such as The Bourne seriesand The
? So it’s needless to say that the story here fits the cast.

Damon and Blunt have great chemistry and work together
perfectly as a charming on-screen couple. Slattery gives a subdued yet intense
performance as Slattery, one of the main members of the Adjustment Bureau;
he’s threatening in a brilliantly understated way. Mackie as Harry Mitchell, David’s
main guardian, and Stamp as Thompson, the higher man in command, both give genuine
and credible performances.

The real downside to the film is its lack of intensity:
there are few moments full of suspense. Also, the film unfolds at
an extremely slow pace: although it starts out as a solid thriller, it focuses
more than an hour on the reality of the two characters that can’t be together.

The brief door-travelling scene at the end was
produced with impressive special effects, ingenious cinematography, and an
inspired soundtrack that carried the film towards a solid ending despite its
short running time. If only most of the picture had followed this fast pace!

The Adjustment Bureau
is a respected and modern thriller with excellent storytelling and outstanding
talents all around. The film’s slow pace and few moments of suspense mean that
it may not necessarily take your breath away as a thriller.

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360 Tip

The names of the three main members of the Adjustment Bureau are Thompson, Richardson, and Harry: a play on the term Tom, Dick, and Harry, which is slang for any anonymous persons.

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