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The Adventures of Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin: Breathtaking Animation

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The Adventures of Tintin: Breathtaking Animation

(Bell) is a highly inquisitive journalist. He comes across a model of a boat at
a flea market and buys it. His curiosity is peaked when a succession of people
offer to buy the model at any price which he refuses. His boat is stolen after
he finds an old scroll hidden in the mast. He discovers that the original owner
of the boat, Sir Francis Haddock, had hidden three clues in three ship models.
Together, these clues would point the owner to the location of a secret
treasure that was lost when Red Rackham and his pirates attacked his ship.
Accompanied by Captain Haddock (Serkis)- the last of the Haddocks­- Tintin
tries to find the three scrolls before the nefarious Sakharine (Craig) gets to
them first.    

Tintin is visually spectacular from the gorgeous opening
credits right to the end. Filmed using motion capture, it looks like a hybrid
between highly realistic animation and the Tintin comic books. Couple that with
the amazing attention to detail and you get a film that seriously takes your
breath away. The transitions between the scenes for example, are highly
inventive and add so much for such a small touch. Also, this is one of the few
films this reviewer has seen where the 3D actually adds to the film instead of
being a gimmick to get viewers into the cinema. It allows the camera to move
within a setting and to utilize many different angles that couldn’t have been
done  or have been as effective in 2D.

script is funny and filled to the brim with action sequences; be it car chases,
pirate sword fights, steering a broken plane, kidnappings, etc. It also blends
the fun and the serious very well. For example, in addition to focusing on the
treasure hunt, Captain Haddock’s alcoholism and attempts to sober up are
tackled in a pretty sensitive way.

Tintin is reminiscent of old school Disney movies in that
the voice actors here never overshadow the characters despite being quite
famous in their own right. As a viewer, you’re not even aware that the voice
cast is populated with big names such as Daniel Craig, Simon Pegg and Nick
Frost until the end credits roll.

is an absolutely gorgeous film that keeps you engaged and interested for the
entirety of its running time. Highly entertaining for both kids and grownups.

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360 Tip

Arabs characters (Moroccans specifically) show up here, not as terrorists, but as lovers and patrons of the arts. It’s a wonderful change of pace.

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