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The Hole

The Hole: Harmless but Enjoyable Fantasy Thriller

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  • Joe Dante
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Omar Atef
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The Hole: Harmless but Enjoyable Fantasy Thriller

Forced to leave the big city, Dane
(Massoglia) and his younger brother Lucas (Gamble) move to a small town with
their mother Susan (Polo), where she starts a new job. Upon their arrival, they
are challenged with adjusting to their old and creepy mansion of a new home.
After befriending their next-door neighbour Julie (Bennett), the three of them
come across a trap-door and discover that it leads to another world; a living nightmare of an adventure
that’s basically hell under their house. 

Despite The Hole‘s original release date of 2009, it does deliver what it
promises in the 3D department. The story is mainly aimed at teenagers, and
stars a young cast. The plot is a very simple one that has been done before;
but it works just fine. If you’ve seen Coraline,
you’ll find several similarities in The

This is a fantasy-driven adventure
that will capture audiences with its spectacular 3D effects, amusing plotlines
and a good performance (for a change) by unknown teen actors. Some
audience members may regard it as just another teen-targeted thriller film,
and rightly so, but at least it’s a decent one

This film’s main highlight is its visuals.
Director Joe Dante brought us scary
classics such as the first two Gremlins films, and he hasn’t been afraid to bring back the 80s feel in many moments throughout the film.
Such moments include a predictable mix of scary thrills, mixing comedy with
horror, and well-produced graphics. However, for most adults, it’s a dull ride that
won’t be appealing unless they’re real fans of 3D films.

The story is unlikely to have any kind of real impact on anyone
above the age of twelve, and is reminiscent of mid-90s family
fantasy-horror films. Though the plot isn’t particularly rousing, there is a charm about
its simplicity that is almost nostalgic of a simpler Hollywood formula.

It rarely requires the audience’s full
attention, and its most memorable scenes are those that most heavily display
the prowess of 3D viewing.

All in all, The Hole is a guilt-free film with innocent horror moments that kids
will enjoy, with the added benefit of 3D technology. Before
the story is even given a chance to get going, the film descends into a vehicle
on which 3D technology can be experimented on. Expect this to be on LCD TVs at electronics shops when it’s out on DVD.

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