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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2: The Curtain Finally Falls

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The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2: The Curtain Finally Falls
Here it is; the fifth and the final chapter of the popular and high-grossing vampire saga. From the start, the Twilight films captured the hearts of many – with reasons behind the obsession being highly questionable – and alienated other apathetic spectators, who welcome this finale with a big sigh of relief; the Twilight Saga has finally reached the end of the road.

The story picks up where Breaking Dawn – Part 1 left off.  Not only are they now officially married, but Bella (Stewart) and Edward (Pattinson) are also proud parents of baby girl, Renesme, who turns out to be half-human, half-vampire. Bella, who has recently been turned, and is now sporting a newly-found fashion sense, welcomes the gifts of a being full blown bloodsucker with open arms. She is super-strong, superfast and highly alert; and those soulful brown eyes are now replaced by that famous coppery glare.

The infamous love triangle wouldn’t be complete without Jacob (Lautner). The werewolf – who is now a close friend and an ally to the Cullens – forms a special bond with the baby girl, hence the imprint he made on her soon after the birth.

Even though Bella’s disapproval to the ‘imprinting’ causes issues, their real problems begin when the Volturi – the vampire mafia – discover Renesme and mistake her for an immortal baby – a big no-no in the world of vampires. They want the ‘verboten kinder’ destroyed, and now Bella, Edward, Jacob and the rest of the Cullen clan go on a mission to assemble their vampire relatives and friends and convince the Volturi that Renesme is not a threat.

Even though Breaking Dawn – Part 2 is slightly better than the torturous part 1 – this one actually has a plot – it is still excessively long, poorly written and is still in some serious need of some classic vampire blood-sucking gore. The soulful gazes between Stewart and Pattinson still take up too much of the film, the Cullens are once again aimlessly hovering around and, of course, Jacob doesn’t waste any time before his shirt is off, once again flexing his muscles for the camera.

Things do pick up, however. Director Bill Condon’s last twenty minutes of show some serious teeth, as the battle between the good guys and the Volturi rolls out. The epic war, though nonexistent in Meyer’s original story and filled with some seriously poor cinematography, makes sitting through this film worthwhile – only just.

Pattinson and Stewart look a little bit livelier this time-around, although one thing that really stands out is their absolute ineffectiveness in showing love for their child. They’re too busy gazing into each others eyes to put any effort into their performances as parents. Lautner, on the other hand, is portrayed as a pervy-uncle whose new, special bond with the little girl comes off a little disturbing.  

Overall, there is a lot here for the Twi-hards to enjoy. Nevertheless, one thing is for certain; with its concluding statement, Breaking Dawn – Part 2 only proves that the Twilight franchise has truly outstayed its welcome.

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360 Tip

Breaking Dawn - Part 2 was afforded a $75 million dollar budget, making it the most expensive installment of the Twilight series.

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