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Thor: The Dark World

Thor: The Dark World: God of Thunder Returns in Marvel Sequel

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  • Action & AdventureFantasy
  • Alan Taylor
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Thor: The Dark World: God of Thunder Returns in Marvel Sequel

With films such as The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man and the billion-dollar blockbuster The Avengers under its belt, it’s pretty safe to say that the famous adage of ‘less is more’ doesn’t really serve a purpose in any of the Marvel Studios’ ventures.

Big, loud and bold is what Marvel does best, and with the return of the God of Thunder onto the big-screen in Thor: The Dark World, fans will be pleased to see more of the same.

Following the events of The Avengers, Thor’s evil stepbrother, Loki (Hiddleston) – who was banished by his father Odin (Hopkins), the King of Asgard – is being held captive for the crimes he committed on Earth, while Thor (Hemsworth) himself is busy restoring peace to the Nine Realms.

Despite two years passing since he left his astrophysicist love interest, Jane Foster (Portman), Thor has kept a close eye on her – he is a God after all.

The pair are soon reunited, though, Jane accidently stumbles on a vortex gateway that eventually leads to an ancient evil, by the name of Aether, to rise to the surface. Infected by the strange alien-force, Jane’s actions awaken the curiosity of wicked and villainous elf, Malekith (Eccleston), who is more than interested in getting his hands on the substance.

Thor is quick to respond to the situation, rushing to Jane’s aid and transporting her to Asgard, where he will be able to offer her full-protection.  However, Malekith’s Dark Elves – who are on the mission to locate the lethal substance absorbed by Jane – are quick to follow, and with the threat of an attack on Asgard, Thor soon finds himself with no other choice but to acquire the help of Loki.

Returning as the indestructible, hammer-pounding God of Thunder, Hemsworth once again serves up a terrific performance; exuding a powerful and commanding physicality – paired up with a winning smile and wit – it’s hard to imagine anyone else taking on the role.  Additionally, the onscreen chemistry between him and Portman is charming and believable; the Oscar-winning actress seems settled and a little more comfortable in her shoes this time around.

Hopkins is a great addition to any cast, though Alexander and Elba offer very little in the short time spent on screen. As the villain of the story, Eccleston is surprisingly stiff, whilst the real bad-boy of the picture, Hiddleston, steals the show with what is an emotional, highly-complex and delightfully versatile performance.

But maybe they real key to the film is Game of Thrones director, Alan Taylor, who manages to focus the picture and maintain intrigue throughout, despite its slightly complicated plot.

All things considered, Thor: The Dark World offers an enjoyable and a rewarding experience; thrilling, engaging and humorous, there is certainly something in there for everyone.

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360 Tip

A 'new language' was created specifically for the Dark Elves, leaving Christopher Eccleston and Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje to memorise parts of their script in a fake language.

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