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Tinkerbell & the Legend of the NeverBeast

Tinkerbell & the Legend of the NeverBeast: Disney Bring Back the Fairy Cast

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Tinkerbell & the Legend of the NeverBeast: Disney Bring Back the Fairy Cast

DisneyToon Studios dishes out its second feature of the year and its sixth full-length film in the animated Tinker Bell series overall, with The Legend of the NeverBeast; a charmingly predictable sugary-ball of fairy-fun that will leave its target audience – mainly under seven-year-old girls – happy and fulfilled.

The Legend of the NeverBeast is once again set in the bubbly fairy-land of Pixie Hollow and this time

It’s Fawn (voiced wonderfully by Goodwin) who is center stage, when she discovers – and quickly befriends – a furry and a mysterious-looking, green-eyed creature whom she names Gruff.  The fearsome being was found deep in the underground where a comet landed – a phenomenon which caused the sky over Pixie Hollow turn green –and although, everything about him seems scary and terrifying, it didn’t take long for the cheeky animal fairy to see that there is more to him than meets the eye.

However, when the elite scout leader, Nyx (voiced by Dawson) finds out that Gruff’s real name is in fact NeverBeast – a name which is supposedly linked to a prophecy which threatens to destroy their beloved Pixie Hollow – Fawn’s newly-found friend soon finds himself in danger. So,  while Nyx is preparing her forces to go and capture the vicious monster, Fawn needs to reach out to Tink (Whitman) and the rest of her fairy friends, to convince her to help save NeverBeast before it’s too late.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover” is the message that The Legend of the NeverBeast chooses to convey and just like its predecessors, it manages to do so with much conviction and grace. Playing against a Beauty and the Beast fairy-tale backdrop, there is a lot to love about this latest Pixie Hollow adventure; colorful, cheerful and most of all, insightful there is a lot for the youngsters to learn and take away from its subtle messages about diversity, friendship and teamwork.

Goodman offers a lively and a likable performance as the infectious animal-loving fairy whose heart of gold and can-do attitude will speak to many young girls in the audience while, Whitman – still cute and engaging as ever – takes a step back from the limelight this time around, leaving the podium wide open for her fellow fairy to explore.

On the downside, the 3D is completely uneccessary – the franchise should seriously think about removing the effect altogether from their future productions – and the comedy is on the scarce side.  However, The Legend of the NeverBeast still manages to shine and regardless of the snags, it is still capable of delivering a wholesome and enjoyable viewing experience for the entire family. 

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360 Tip

Many people have believed that Disney based their version of Tinker Bell on Marilyn Monroe.  However, this allegation was dismissed by the creators who say that Tink is actually based on Margaret Kelly; a twenty-two-year old actress who provided the live-action reference for the animators.  

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