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Turbo: Charming Underdog Snail-Tale

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Turbo: Charming Underdog Snail-Tale

Based on an original idea by first-time director David Soren, Turbo is the latest animated feature to come out of DreamWorks Animation studios. Voiced by an eclectic group of actors, including Snoop Dogg, the story of a snail with big dreams pays off in an awfully silly, yet adorable, way.

Meet Theo, aka Turbo (voiced by Reynolds); a small garden snail who, despite his ever-sluggish pace, is obsessed with one day entering the Indy 500 race. His brother, Chet (Giamatti), urges him to focus on reality and their daily tasks of avoiding the lawn mowers that raid their tomato garden.

One night, whilst out feeling sorry for himself, Turbo accidentally finds himself being sucked into a nitrous–fueled drag racing car, only to come out as a super-fast snail, able to move at speeds of over two hundred miles an hour.

After being spotted in action, cheeky taco restaurant owner and snail-racing dabbler, Tito (Pena), encourages Turbo to follow his dream and enter the Indy 500. However, they’ll need to come up with a $20,000 entry fee and a way of travelling across America to get there. With help from a number of snail-friends, Turbo sets out on a journey to make his life-long dream come true.

The animation of this film is in no way extraordinary, however, it is both vibrant and incredibly rousing; the ground level view of the race is particularly dynamic. Reynolds gives Turbo an incredible amount of charm, making him really easy to cairorevamp_user for in his quest to become a racing snail. Giamatti’s amusing portrayal of Chet, Turbo’s less cheerful brother and sidekick, makes his character easy to connect with. The rest of cast includes the one and only Samuel L. Jackson, Michael Peña, Snoop Dogg and The Fast and the Furious star,  Michelle Rodriguez, all of whom contribute immensely by adding their own, unique flair to their respective roles.

Predictable as the plot may be, Turbo still makes a rather fun and easy viewing experience. Although primarily aimed at a younger audience, the lively visuals and underdog story is likely to appeal to all ages; it might not be particularly memorable, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the ride while it lasts.

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360 Tip

Before stepping up behind the lens, David Soren contributed as the story artist in the 2004’s animated hit, Shark Tale.

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