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Yogi Bear

Yogi Bear: Fun for Kids, Not Necessarily for Adults

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Yogi Bear: Fun for Kids, Not Necessarily for Adults

If you used to watch
Cartoon Network as a kid, or even sit with your young ones when it was on, then
there’s a big chance that you came across Yogi
The popular cartoon series centres on two bears that never quit trying
to steal picnic food from tourists in the parks, not caring one bit about the ‘Do
Not Feed the Bears’ signs, and of course, the park rangers Smith (Cavanaugh)
and Jones (Miller) on their tails.

The plot thickens
when the town’s evil mayor decides to shut down the park where the bears live.
Together with a documentary filmmaker Rachel (Faris), the rangers and the bears
try their best to save the forest. The film is basically one long episode of Yogi’s
past adventures; but this time around, it’s backed up with heavy special
effects and more laughs than usual.

The voiceovers are
the real deal here. The filmmakers couldn’t have done a better job than casting
Aykroyd as Yogi Bear and Timberlake as Boo-Boo. Not that their voices are
amazing or anything, but they fit perfectly for the roles. Who would have thought
that Mr. Timberlake – aka the ladies’ man – would also sound great as a young
animated bear? Rachel (Faris) and Ranger Smith (Cavanaugh) both present
passable performances for such a motion picture, bearing in mind that this a
family picture mainly aimed at kids.

As any other live-action/animated
film, Yogi Bear actually delivers
nice CGI effects (but nothing close to Pixar’s brilliance), especially when
studios combine actors and animated characters by using basic blue-screen
technologies. Who could ever forget Who
Framed Roger Rabbit
when it first came out with
this original formula back in 1988?

Nonetheless, the
graphics are pretty normal for what audiences are exposed to these days. The
special effects are good, but they’re not extraordinary. Yogi Bear can be viewed in both 2D and 3D versions. So if you’re
into it, the 3D experience might slightly enhance your viewing pleasure and
increases the fun factor.

Yogi Bear isn’t necessarily a bad film, but it’s not necessarily a great one
either. It’s a whole lot of fun if you want to take your children to the cinema
to catch a guilty-free family film. Kids will definitely enjoy this film, but
parents will be hoping that it will end soon. Yogi Bear’s running time is only 70 minutes, though; so this is one
harmless bear.

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360 Tip

In the opening title, the Warner Bros. 'WB Shield' logo is wooden, setting up the film for its 'woodsy feel' in Jellystone Park.

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