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Jared’s Bagels & Micah’s Grill

Jared’s Bagels and Micah’s Grill: More American Cuisine in Cairo

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Nour Motawa
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Jared’s Bagels and Micah’s Grill: More American Cuisine in Cairo

A long-time favourite of bagel devotees in Maadi and
beyond, Jared’s Bagels has long been the Cairo neighbourhood’s solution to one of America’s
most cherished breakfast traditions. Now, Jared’s has expanded its reach into
breakfast and lunch fare with the opening of a new shop on Maadi Degla’s Road
233 by incorporating a sister restaurant, Micah’s Grill.

The new venue is conveniently located on
a commercial strip with more parking than the original shop on Road Nine.
Although the new location lacks the outdoor seating of the old one, pleasant
tables set with checked table cloths make for a welcoming, casual and typically
American environment, sure to entice more diners to eat in. 

The menu at Jared’s Bagels remains largely the same with
its classic selection of bagel flavours and a range of spreads from cream
cheese to honey butter. The bakery options have been expanded to include a
selection of muffins (6LE) and different types of freshly baked bread including
baguette (5LE) and Kaiser rolls (8LE). 

Taking the shop from lunch into dinner, Micah’s Grill
comes to the rescue with more American classic fare to satisfy the worst
cravings of homesick expats and Americana addicts alike. Classic burgers
(starting at 15LE) conspire with hot dogs (11LE), chicken wings (30LE), fries
(7.5LE) and nachos (13.5LE) on a delicious yet high-calorie menu. On the
lighter side, a chicken breast sandwich (20LE) makes a healthier alternative. 

Already well-acquainted with Jared’s delicious bagels, this reviewer opted to test Micah’s Grill for American authenticity,
choosing to sample the classic burger and hot dog with sides of fries and
nachos as well as sodas to wash it all down. This meal was a delicious bargain at over

The burger was simple but exemplary; not overcooked
and encased in a warm, fresh bun. Liberally spread with ketchup and yellow
mustard, it had that authentic taste reminiscent of any respectable burger
joint. The hot dog was similarly respectable; but without the classic
condiments of relish and onions, the experience was a little underwhelming. This
was compensated for by the crispy and delicious fries, and the Tex-Mex-style nachos
smothered in cheese. 

Satisfying and authentically American, the cuisine at
Micah’s Grill is the perfect solution to Americana food cravings. However, the
portion sizes and presentation make the food at Micah’s Grill feel more like
fast food snacks than a fully serviced meal. 

That being said, one could not hope for a better
snack, and for this reason, the combination of Jared’s Bagels and Micah’s Grill
in one location is sure to be a winner, taking Maadi residents from delicious breakfast
to greasy, tasty midnight snacks. 

360 Tip

Craving great bread? The freshly baked goodies at the new shop are affordable and delicious.

Best Bit

Authentic American eats for all hours of the day.

Worst Bit

Just opened, the shop is still not at full capacity; so stay tuned to try the full range of menu offerings.

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