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Jared’s Bagels & Micah’s Grill

Jared’s Bagels & Micah’s Grill: American Breakfast Diner in Maadi

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Jared’s Bagels & Micah’s Grill: American Breakfast Diner in Maadi

In a rapidly growing, fast-paced city like Cairo, you doesn’t always have the time to grab the first and most important meal of the day. Thankfully, every neighbourhood has a few restaurants dedicated to solving that problem.

In Maadi, one of those venues is Jared’s Bagels. A few years ago it moved location from Road 9 to Road 233, and opened up a sister venue called Micah’s Grill that expanded on the breakfast menu with lunch options including burgers, hot dogs and other heavy, but delicious food.

With a brightly lit venue with mustard-coloured walls and sets of wooden tables with four chairs each, the atmosphere is pleasant and laidback. The servers behind the counter greet you with a smile as you walk in and are happy to explain what they have to offer if it’s your first time here.

Eager for a light, but filling, breakfast, we opted for a Turkey and Cheddar Sesame Bagel (19LE) and a Salmon and Cream Cheese Sesame Bagel (32LE). We also opted for a side of Nachos with Cheese (14LE) and fresh orange juice (11LE).

Served in orange trays after about fifteen minutes, the toasted bagels arrived warm on our table along with Nachos accompanied by melted pepper jack cheese. The Turkey and Cheddar Bagel was topped with lettuce and tomatoes. While the ingredients were fresh and tasty, it was, overall, all a bit dry. 

The Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel was a different story altogether, however. Topped with onions and capers, it’s a combination that you can rarely go wrong with. This bagel was both delicious and perfectly balanced.

The Nachos were a great side to accompany the bagels, served fresh, warm and crunchy, especially as a lighter alternative to fries. The melted pepper jack cheese was a very nice addition. The freshly squeezed orange juice, meanwhile, is packaged into small plastic bottles and tasted as fresh as orange juice can get.

We found Jared’s Bagels to be a great breakfast option especially if you need to pick it up on your way to work or in between running errands. The ingredients are all fresh and the service and cleanliness of the venue are on point.

360 Tip

Jared's delivers; call 0225203279.

Best Bit

The Salmon and Cream Cheese Bagel.

Worst Bit

The turkey and cheddar bagel was too dry.

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