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Orascom Hotels & Development’s Joubal Lagoon in El Gouna Sells Out in No Time

Orascom Hotels & Development’s Joubal Lagoon in El Gouna Sells Out in No Time
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Cairo 360

What can you say about El Gouna that hasn’t been said before? The seaside locale has always stood as the premiere beachside getaway in Egypt and Orascom Hotels & Development’s slice of heaven expanded this year with the introduction of Joubal Lagoon. Having officially launched in Easter, it was sold out in no time – yeah, its hot property.

The turquoise resort town is crowded year round and those lucky enough to have houses there often find themselves playing host to as many guests as they can. El Gouna’s properties are so coveted that units essentially sell themselves out before construction.

Situated halfway between Abu Tig Marina (our favourite nightspot!) and the New Marina, Joubal Lagoon overlooks a stunning blue lagoon that promises to forever eradicate all thoughts of traffic and pollution.

In keeping with Orascom Hotels & Development’s environmental philosophy, Joubal Lagoon has been designed with the natural surroundings and environmental sustainability in mind. Orascom Hotels & Development deserve recognition for maximizing energy efficiency.

Essentially a self-sufficient town, El Gouna has everything. Do you want to party all night and then send your children to good schools in the morning? Do you want to play golf and have access to a world-class hospital? Do want to chill, kite-surf, and then go to a Bibliotheca Alexandria affiliated library? Of course you do – education is the future. Foodies will find themselves in culinary heaven: You can eat world class sushi, steak, Italian, and French cuisines any day of the week.  

So don’t panic if you are looking to buy in El Gouna, although Joubal Lagoon was sold out in the blink of a sparkling eye, Orascom Hotels & Development is already developing new projects.