The Definitive Guide to Living in the Capital , Cairo , Egypt


H&M: Euro Basic with a Price Tag

H&M: Euro Basic with a Price Tag

Loolies: Boutique Chic

Loolies is the kind of place that pulls you into a different time and place.…

Lehnert & Landrock: Orientalism Gone Wild

Lehnert & Landrock were Austrian and German travel writers, explorers, anthropologists and photographers who travelled…

Volume 1: Get Crafty

Volume 1 in Maadi is a place where nearly all your stationary wishes are granted.…

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Khalda Ibrahim

Nails & More: Cutesy, Intimate Salon in Zamalek The place is excellent, the people are very nice and super friendly


فيلم Look Away: مش ده برضه المفروض فيلم رعب؟ Unfortunately, this movie depend on too much sexual scenes and was far away from being a horror movie

Mohamed Abdel Mageed

Deals Pub 14 Great place for hanging out after work.


Villa Belle Epoque Enchanting little spot in Maadi, that just took my breath away.

Suzy Mounir

Dos Cañas Fantastic and great place I liked it and i'll revisit it more and more times What a place...........

Wanasah Test

Nutelleria Egypt You can buy a tiny Nutella jar keychain with Italian greeting written on it and it is really…