The Definitive Guide to Living in the Capital , Cairo , Egypt


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Mandy van der Palen

Venue Lounge & Bar The worst expierence, really rude staff especially to foreigners to expensive for what you get . Bad music

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Haisam Awad

Le Bistro Pub Great little bar with a sleepy, chilled atmosphere. Better music wouldn't go amiss, though.

Waseem El Tanahi

Ovio This place has some great bakery items and food. It's a lovely daytime place to sit as well.…


فلامنكو كافيه – Flamenco Café لأعشاق الهدوء مكان جميل وهادىء لتناول الافطار


لامي شيروكي: الدكترة بشياكة في داندي مول هذه الصفحه الخاصه بالبرند وهذا رقم موبيل الفرع 01117270015

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Abdul Rahman AL Khatib

Burgundy Bar and Restaurant it’s great place to grab a drink with your friends!!! good music small place but really cool you’ll…