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Nile Stock

Nile Stock: Cheap Designer Clothing in Downtown Cairo

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Nile Stock: Cheap Designer Clothing in Downtown Cairo

in Cairo can sometimes be a bit of a pain. The clothing is either very
expensive because it is imported, or it’s very cheap but of bad quality.
Luckily, someone thought of buying up all of last season’s collections to be
resold at a lower price. Nile Stock is one of those shops. The best thing about
Nile Stock is that it has women’s, children’s and men’s clothing.

on the corner of Behlar Passage and Adly Street, Nile Stock is easy to find. It
has a bright orange logo and the clothing in the window display will
immediately attract your attention. Downstairs is the women’s and girls’
section and upstairs is the men’s and boys’ section. Nile Stock carries a lot
of imported brands such as Gas, Abercrombie and Fitch, Promod, Adidas, LTC,
Gerry Weber, Esprit, Zara, Converse, Gap, Calvin Klein, Replay and many more.
The clothing is authentic, and therefore of good quality, but it is usually one
or two-seasons-old. Then again, who cares when it is so cheap? These brands are
all known for being timeless in their designs anyway.

The best
part of the shop is undoubtedly the jeans section for men and women. You can
score A&F, Esprit or Gap jeans starting at 130LE, which is a ridiculous
bargain. Most of the shirts are priced at around 80LE, whereas vests go for
180LE and coats for 200LE. There are also often discounts on some of the items.
At the time of our visit, we paid 8LE for plain Zara t-shirts. Most of the
skirts cost around 80LE and leggings go for 30LE. Dresses cost around 100LE,
which also extremely cheap.

men’s section has some nice shirts starting at 100LE and suits from 200LE.
Apart from that, the same prices apply to the women’s department. Shirts cost around
80LE, jeans start from 120LE and blazers sell for around 180LE.

The best
is the kids’ department, where additional brands such as Baby GAP can be found
and most of the clothing costs between 30LE and 80LE. Nile Stock is also
perfect if you’re pregnant and have trouble finding fashionable maternity wear:
there is a big collection by Motherhood with shirts starting from 70LE and
trousers from 100LE.

The only
downside to the shop is the clothing sizes. Since the shop stocks leftovers,
you’ll find a lot of items in XXS and XXL. The staff is very friendly and
willing to help you convert all the different sizes (such as American or
British) into your preferred sizing.

Nile Stock has several branches all over Cairo
but this Downtown branch is the biggest. On top of the cheap prices, there are
usually high discounts as well; so make sure to inquire.

360 Tip

New collections come in every week. You can leave your number and whenever there are offers you will receive a text message.

Best Bit

Quality clothing at very low prices.

Worst Bit

Not all sizes are available in the items on display.

linda handerson


linda handerson


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