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‎ Deezer’s Created a Special Playlist for Cairo 360 and It’s on Repeat

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‎ Deezer’s Created a Special Playlist for Cairo 360 and It’s on Repeat
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    Cairo 360

    Let’s face it, music has become an essential part of our daily lives, whatever genre it may be. And even if you’re not a huge music fan, you often come across a jingle on the radio, or even that simple – and slightly annoying – melody that you listen to while you’re on hold waiting to order delivery. 


    For the sheer love of music, popular music app Deezer was created to connect 14 million active users around the world to 56 million tracks with a simple finger swipe. Available in over 180 countries worldwide, Deezer gives instant access to one of the largest and most diverse global music streaming libraries.



    But it’s kind of challenging to create yourself a playlist for all seasons, let alone creating a list for public places that, not only blends well with the atmosphere but also pleases all tastes. And this is where Deezer lent Cairo 360 a helping hand, formulating a unique playlist for Cairo 360, tailored to our own melodic preferences.


    Some of these versatile tracks included Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello’s Señorita, Alan Walker’s On My Way, Lewis Watson’s Fly When I Fall, Rob $tone’s Okay Okay, and various other hits. Each song had a little bit of everything to satisfy the majority of our staff members. 


    It is worth mentioning that Deezer was among the sponsors of the Jennifer Lopez concert in Sahel last month, as well as the epic lip sync battle on the beach that took place during Deezer’s activation in Amwaj. 


    Thank you very much, Deezer; we really appreciate the amazing gift!