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El Sewedy Education Partners With E4Impact to Support Egyptian Entrepreneurs and Startups

El Sewedy Education Partners With E4Impact to Support Egyptian Entrepreneurs and Startups

‎ How to Manage Your Savings During Coronavirus

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You have three options...

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Netflix Flicks to Binge Watch during Quarantine

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Fight the disease and the boredom!

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Two Ways You Can Invest Your Money At Home

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Protect yourself against the Coronavirus.

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Central Bank of Egypt Limits Withdrawals and Deposits ‎

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As part of its precautionary measures.

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Egyptian Malls Announce New Working Hours during Curfew

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Until further notice...

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New Health Regulations Issued by Egyptian Prime Minister

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Ensuring the safety of the Egyptian citizens...

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American University in Cairo Begins Online Classes

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We hope this transition keeps everyone safe.

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Egypt’s Celebrities Donate Millions In the ‘Tahadi Al Kheir’ Challenge

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The toughest challenge is staying home!

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Supreme Council of Universities and Ministry of Education Delay Exams

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As the pandemic continues to threaten our nation...

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From 7 PM to 6 AM: Government Shuts Down All Restaurants, Bars, and Malls

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In a bid to curb the spread of Coronavirus...

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Waseem El Tanahi

Mori Sushi & Grill Although I tend to enjoy sushi more when they deliver to my house - Mori is categorically the…

Waseem.El Tanahi

Dos Cañas Without a doubt my favorite spot in Cairo. Great views, great food, and fantastic atmosphere. Once you go…

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Nadya Hassan

One Oak للأسف الشديد جدا جدا ...انا بجد مش مصدق ان احنا وصلنا لهذه المرحلة في الخدمة في التجمع الحقيقية…


Kansas Fried Chicken: A Challenger to the KFC Throne? خدمة زي الزفت والاكل بارد و طعمو وحش


طاسة وسط البلد.. أكل على قده جوة أشهر عمارة في المنطقة انا رحت مطعم طاسة وسط البلد و الاكل كان حلو و الاستاف كويس و كنت طالب ميكسات الزوجة…

Keep Calm and Work from Home: 5 Quick Tips to Get You Through the Day

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We are all trying to get accustomed to getting things done remotely.

China Reports Zero New Coronavirus Infections in Last 24 Hours

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Staying protected can save lives, including yours.

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Celebrate Your Mom with these Social-Distancing-Friendly Gifts ‎

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We’ll just adjust to the current situation.

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10 Things You Can Do At Home during Coronavirus Quarantine

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There will be no room for boredom anymore!

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