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16 New TV Shows You'll Be Addicted to in 2017

16 New TV Shows You'll Be Addicted to in 2017

Westworld: Sci-Fi, Western & Drama All in One Highly Addictive Show

HBO has turned into a juggernaut of a network with shows like The Leftovers, Ballers…

Luke Cage: The MCU Expands with Netflix's Latest Superhero Series

Superheroes have been taking over big and small screens for a while now and with…

Stranger Things: Spectacular Throwback to 80's Horror & Sci-Fi

There’s a good chance that you’ve already heard about Netflix’s latest supernatural horror-drama, Stranger Things;…

10 Shows to Binge-Watch on Netflix This Summer

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While it seems to be the preferred method of TV-watching the world over, 'binge-watching' is a relatively…

Emelie: Slow Burning Horror Will Make You Never Trust a Babysitter Again...

Delivering a clever twist on the classic babysitter-in-peril horror, Emelie - a quietly unnerving and…


10 Ramadan Series That Will Have You Glued to Your TV (Whether You Like it or Not)

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As has come to be a pillar of Ramadan in Egypt, this year’s drove of…

Saturday Night Live Bil Arabi: Behind the Scenes of the Middle East’s Most Talked-About Comedy Show

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For many in Egypt, Friday is a day to do exactly nothing, but snooze till…

The Lady in the Van: Maggie Smith Shines in Quirky British Comedy

Based on writer Alan Bennett’s 1989 memoir, the ‘mostly true’ story of one Margaret Shepherd…

Netflix in Egypt: 10 Tips & Tricks to Get the Most Out of the On-Demand Streaming Service

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After a long and gruelling wait, revolutionary streaming website, Netflix, arrived in Egypt as part…

While We're Young: Cast Chemistry Carries Wandering Indie Film

Often described as ‘the new Woody Allen’, writer-director Noah Baumbach – who made his film…

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John Wick: Chapter 2

Ramez Wakel El Gaw : Ramez Galal's Weakest Ramadan Prank Series Yet

While some may argue that originality is dead, no genre is more vulnerable to that…


Ramadan in Cairo 2015: Five Mosalsalat You Need to Tune Into This Ramadan

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Ramadan traditions are numerous, but one tradition Egyptians hold dearly is obsessing over their mosalsalaat.…

Starred Up: Gritty, Award-Winning British Prison Drama

Titled from a popular term which describes the early transfer of a young offender from…

‘Never, Never Talk to Strangers’ & ‘Dancing in Fumes’: A Review

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Though many will point to the Arab Spring as a catapult of creative output in…

A Most Wanted Man: Slow-Burning, Old-Fashioned Espionage Thriller

Based on John le Carre’s espionage novel of the same name, A Most Wanted Man marks the…