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Hurghada’s Antiquities Museum Opens to the Public

Hurghada’s Antiquities Museum Opens to the Public

Egypt’s Abu Dabbab Bay Listed Among Lonely Planet’s Best Snorkelling Hotspots in the World

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Its sights will have you longing for a vacation!

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Egyptian Archaeological Mission Discovers 83 Tombs in Dakahlia

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Take a look at the discovered items!

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Baron Palace Announces Ticket Prices as Renovation Completes

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The restoration process reportedly cost 16LE million.

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In Pictures: Egypt’s First Archaeological Discovery of 2020 in Minya’s Tuna El Gabal

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Minya continues to reveal secrets about Egypt’s ancient culture...

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Garbi Today i was there reading the menu i notice many mistakes in the names of the plates (totally…

Dina.El Moshneb

Topaz The food is very tasty

Mustafa Rashed

كوباية الكنافة بالمانجو والنوتيلا من مونجيني.. حاجة حلوة في السريع طبعا كوباية الكنافة بالمانجو من مونجيني (ام المصريين) حاجة تحفة بجد ان شاء الله دايما في تقدم

Waseem El Tanahi

Ovio This place has some great bakery items and food. It's a lovely daytime place to sit as well.…

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wael tork

أكاديمية سحر: مصنع خبراء التجميل الحمدلله وكلة بفضل المولى عزوجل وبفضلكم سمعتكم الطيبة وخبرتكم الجميلة فى فنكم وابدعكم