The Definitive Guide to Living in the Capital , Cairo , Egypt

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Fins: Kai Sokhna’s World-Class Kitesurfing Centre Gives us Another Reason to Love Ain Sokhna

Fins: Kai Sokhna’s World-Class Kitesurfing Centre Gives us Another Reason to Love Ain Sokhna

Hurghada’s Antiquities Museum Opens to the Public

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Planning your next trip?

Egypt’s Abu Dabbab Bay Listed Among Lonely Planet’s Best Snorkelling Hotspots in the World

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Its sights will have you longing for a vacation!

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Egyptian Archaeological Mission Discovers 83 Tombs in Dakahlia

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Take a look at the discovered items!

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Baron Palace Announces Ticket Prices as Renovation Completes

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The restoration process reportedly cost 16LE million.

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10 Breathtaking Photos of Egypt’s Marine Life

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Feast your eyes on Egypt's beautiful underwater wonders.

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Makadi Heights Joins Forces with Bosla for a Successful Third Round of Egypt Rally Championship‎: Makadi Heights Rally’19

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A picturesque scenery that comes wrapped with beautiful year-round weather.

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CNN Publishes 12 Best Water Activities in Egypt

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Dubbed “The Gift of the Nile” by ancient civilizations.

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Sharm El-Sheikh Airport Leads as the Fastest-Growing in Africa

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This hike can be credited to carriers that have resumed flights in 2019.

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Rania Elgayar

أويا لاونج – Oya Lounge very good food good juice very very good coffee quiet place with wow music all crew work all…

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La La Land La La Land was entertaining but it doesn't quite meet expectations after all the hype about their awards…


The Mountain Between Us الفيلم رائع وتطرق لمواضيع كتير اوى منها ان الكارثة اللى بتحصلك ممكن تكون سبب فى انك تغير مسار…

Waseem El Tanahi

Samia Allouba Terrible gym. Super old machines that belong in a museum and lacking lots of machines and free weights…

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Judy Mohamed

La Villa very good

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Ahmed Esmaeil

مطعم البرج الدوار 360: أكل حلو مع منظر بانورامي في الزمالك السلام عليكم التذكره للبرج ب ٣٠ جنيه اكبر من ٦ سنوات والمطعم أسعاره غاليه من غير الضريبه والخدمه…