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Homage to Al-Wasiti: Exhibition Takes Inspiration from 'The Assemblies of Al-Hariri'

Homage to Al-Wasiti: Exhibition Takes Inspiration from 'The Assemblies of Al-Hariri'

Apeirophobia: Ahmed Abdel Ghani Explores the Fear of Eternity & Death at Picasso Art Gallery

Though the imagery he uses is domestic, there are layers underneath Abdel Ghani's latest work.

Last Works: A Fitting Tribute to the Late Hassan Soliman

The Zamalek gallery pays homage to the late artist...

Freedom After Prison: A Different Side of Inji Aflatoun at Safar Khan

While the late Inji Efflatoun has become known for her colourful paintings, Safar Khan Gallery’s current…

Sea Song: Hugh Snowden Exhibition Reflects on the Coastal Experience in Egypt

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Two years ago, British artist Hugh Sowden started a series of abstract paintings inside his…

Al Nashar Museum: Zamalek Art Gallery's Ultimate Tribute to Abdel Rahman El Nashar

Celebrating its 15th anniversary this year, Zamalek Art Gallery has been hosting a series of…

Freedom: Amina Salim's Latest Exhibition at Picasso Art Gallery

Believing that the future of the art scene in Egypt lies in the crafty hands…

Art is My Life: Zamalek Art Gallery Pays Tribute to Pioneering Artist Gazbia Sirry

Celebrating the life of Gazbia Sirry, Zamalek Art Gallery is hosting a retrospective exhibition for…

Cairo Jazz Festival 2016: Five Acts Not to Miss

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This month, Cairo Jazz Festival is bringing the groove back to the grounds of The…

Five Reasons Mawaweel is the Best Thing About Ramadan

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While many bemoan the lack of things to do outside of the usual sohour-and-tent show…

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Ahmed Darwish

Riverside is Capping Off a Busy Festive Period with a Huge NYE Party Nice place to hang out with friends by the nile, a bit expensive though

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Ahmed Darwish

Il Divino Pizzeria Definitely the best pizza in town


Dixie Cream: Rich Selection, Poor Quality at CFC Branch of Donut Chain Tried the vanilla latte and was fairly good

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Dalia Adel

Il Divino Pizzeria AWESOMMEEE !!!

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La La Land Entertaining movie, but I was expecting a lot more from the movies after all the awards won.....

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Alaa ElEraqi

Al Dayaa: Authentic Lebanese Dining in Maadi Food taste is fine, quantity is fine Staff's peroofromace very poor They gave us wrong ingredient. They are…

The Cairo 360 Editors' Choice Awards 2016: Arts & Culture Award Winners

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With the fate of Townhouse Gallery this year, many fear of what could become of…

Pick a Street: Hassan Ramzy & Local Musicians Take to the Streets of Cairo for Charitable Cause

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The concept of street performances have existed for thousands of years and, when you think…

The Key: ‘Ankh’ at the Heart of 2016 Edition of CARAVAN’s Travelling Exhibition

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While many like to readily discuss what a great history Egypt has with the arts,…

Zamalek Art Gallery: 'An Introduction to Voidness' by Nathan Doss

Currently showcased at Zamalek Art Gallery’s Venue II, An Introduction to Voidness is an exhibition featuring a…

Ubuntu Art Gallery: Halim Yacoub Exhibition

For ten days only, Ubuntu Art Gallery is displaying a collection of sculptures by renowned…