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Dos Cañas Amazing view, excellent service, tasty food and unforgettable experience... thanks doscanas restaurant's team

Ahmed Alaa

The Witch فيلم لا يرتقي انو يتصنف اصلا، فيلم هزلي اخراج ضعيف مفيش قصة، أحداث ضعيفة ،مينفعش نقول عليه فيلم…

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Waseem El Tanahi

L’Asiatique: Asian Cuisine by the Nile One of my all time favorite classic restaurants in Cairo.

Khaled almurtajiz

مجال مكان جميل جدا :)


The Greek Ordered delivery on a Friday night and was told it would take 30 minutes. After 30 minutes they…

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Fat Cow thee sandwiches : Honky Tonk & Swiss and The Smoke house Two people sick and 1 went to…

Everything You Need to Know About "SHE CAN 2019"

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Yes, she definitely can.

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Monappetit: A Certified Culinary & Hospitality Academy in the Heart of Cairo

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A range of certified programs.

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Mark Your Calendars, Mohamed Mounir Is Performing Live!

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You don't want to miss it.

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