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About Cairo

Cairo | Restaurants, Cafes, Shopping, Culture, & A Whole Lot More.

Forget everything you think you know about Cairo. We could talk for hours about the Nile and the Giza Pyramids, but there’s so much more to this great city and to Egypt.

In the small winding alleys of Downtown Cairo and in the far reaches of the city in newer areas such as Heliopolis in the east and 6th of October City in the west, Cairo continues to grow and evolve at breakneck speed.

The crux of Cairo’s tourism has always been based on the spectacular remnants of Ancient Egypt; a continuous source of pride for Cairenes and Egyptians alike. The same can certainly be said of the stunning architectural heritage of Islamic Cairo. But fuelled by an ambitious and resourceful population, Cairo has become one of the world’s most eclectic hubs of art, nightlife, eateries, music and shopping.

The new ‘city that never sleeps’ is steeped in restaurants, cafes, art galleries and bars that are waiting to be discovered – a mission that Cairo 360 has been pursuing since 2010. From the galleries of Zamalek and the fine dining along the Nile, to the multi-complex shopping centres of Nasr City and Heliopolis; Cairo literally has something for everyone.

Over the years, Cairo’s local vendors, produce, arts and venues have proved themselves worthy on the international stage. Adapting to an ever-changing world, the city’s best have shown time and time again why millions arrive at these shores, and why thousands stay. There aren’t many cities in the world that can match Cairo’s graceful blend of the old and the new, the modern and the classic. The history and heritage of Cairo has never been compromised; in fact, there’s no more welcoming a city than this.