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Chip Me: Fresh Cookies Booth Opens at Sheikh Zayed’s Arkan Mall

Chip Me: Fresh Cookies Booth Opens at Sheikh Zayed’s Arkan Mall

Favilla Lounge: Revisiting One of Sheikh Zayed’s Most Popular Hangouts

Favilla Lounge is located in the heart of Sheikh Zayed, in Plaza 34; one of…

cafes cairo +8

‎ Frank & Co: Revisiting One of Maadi’s Favourite Food & Drink Lounges

Enjoying the sunlight with a delicious cocktail in hand!

cairo city +10

NOLA Cupcakes Truck: Sweets on Wheels in Sheikh Zayed

A cupcake pioneer by all definitions.

cairo city +9

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مطعم باب اليمن: أحلى فراخ مندي في الدقي مطعم باب اليمن جيد فى المكان والضيافة والخدمة والهدوء الديكورات والإضاءة تحفة فنية *لكن اهم شئ وهو الطعام…


Logan Nice movie, I recommend it to my friends.

Mohamed El Sherbieny

Deals This little hole in the wall bar is a great place to chill and meet new people. It's…


Dixie Cream: Rich Selection, Poor Quality at CFC Branch of Donut Chain Tried the vanilla latte and was fairly good

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Waseem El Tanahi

Rogue One: First Stand-Alone Star Wars Film Holds its Own A great addition to the franchise. I mean, come on, who wont love another Star Wars film!

Waseem El Tanahi

Zooba If your looking for an authentic Egyptian experience Zooba is spot on. Everything from decor to the bite…