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The Kaleidoscopic Capital: Cairo in 12 Books

The Kaleidoscopic Capital: Cairo in 12 Books

Pedro Páramo : The Pure and Raw Literature of Ghost Towns

The story follows Juan Preciado, who’s pressured to promise his mother at her deathbed that…

book review Juan Rulfo +2

The Colors of Infamy: A Brief Laughter in the Face of Decay

A gentleman pickpocket, an experienced fatherly thief, and a sophisticated journalist who lives in a…

Albert Cossery Black Comedy +5

Mistborn: A Masterpiece in Epic Fantasy

Mistborn by Brandon Sanderson is an Epic Fantasy set in a world where the sun…

Brandon Sanderson Fantasy +1

The Egyptian Novels That Made It To The IPAF's Longlist

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In late January, the International Prize for Arabic Fiction announced the novels nominated for its…

Arabic Literature Belal Fadl +11

Dear Child: A Thrilling Exploration of Traumas' Aftermaths

Romy Hausmann’s debut, Dear Child, translated from the German Liebes Kind opens in media res.…

book review Dear Child +3

Where to Shop for Books in Cairo

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Book shopping is just like any other sort of shopping; a bit of general advice…

Al-Azbakiyya AUC Bookstores +3

Cairo International Book Fair

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The 53rd Cairo International Book Fair is right around the corner and we’re all excited…

Cairo International Book Fair

Bill Gate’s Holiday Reads

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Bill Gates has recently recommended five favourites of his for some holiday reading, so we’ll…

A Thousand Brains Andy Weir +9

Goodreads Shares Egypt’s Most Read Books This Year

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Nothing beats a great book.

arts arts & culture +13

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Oliveto Egypt

Oliveto: Italian Breakfast at Beverly Hills’ West Town Hub Dear Nelly, We are extremely sorry for your experience in our restaurant. we sincerely apologize profusely. After your…

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Ahmed Soliman

بالصور: مطعم صبحي كابر الجديد.. مكان أكبر بس جودة أقل ما قد اعجبني في المطعم علي مدار السنين فقدته في هذه الزياره... فكره ان المطعم في الشارع وسط…

Ziad Rashad

Joker Ansolutely fenomenal.

Sherif Edward Michel

The Edward’s Amazing food variety and atmosphere, vintage and elite style of decorations,nice view and service, I really felt at…

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Caracas The most delicious Lebanese Fattah in town