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Seven Bestsellers You Probably Didn’t Know Were Ghostwritten...

Seven Bestsellers You Probably Didn’t Know Were Ghostwritten...

Tahrir Book Fair: AUC Bookstore Offers Great Deals on Books & Gifts at Special Three-Day Event

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In what is shaping up to be one of the biggest local book fairs in…

E-Books Vs Printed Books: 5 Reasons the Real Thing Will Always Be Better

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It’s become one of the most common clichés of our time, but technology has been…

Richard Templer: The Rules of Life

Self-help books aren't everybody’s cup of tea. As much as many people resort to them…


An Interview with 'Barbatoze': Egyptian Comic-Book Artist & Writer Sherif Adel

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Though there’s still much debate on the subject, those familiar with the often addictive fantasy world…

Cairo Guide: Six Awesome Independent Bookshops in Cairo

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As with any ‘genre’, let’s say, of shopping in Cairo, buying books – be it…

Gretchen McCullough: Shahrazad's Tooth

Born and raised in Texas, Gretchen McCullough's teaching career has taken her to Egypt, Turkey…

Cairo Guide: Eight Fantasy/Sci-Fi Reads for the Exasperated

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Either by the cold hand of Hollywood or the colder truths of reality, there’s no…

Amr Moneib: Requiem: Cloud of Thoughts That Rained Ink unto Paper

Dr Amr Moneib is an Egyptian obstetrician who has developed a writing hobby to express…

Susan Richards-Benson: Born of the Pyramids: Rocky's Story

Susan Richards-Benson spent 7 years living, working and volunteering in Egypt, during which time she…

Cairo Guide: Eight Essential Reads for the Jaded

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So, you’ve finished the classics, spent months deciding on whether Camus or Tolstoy is the…

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Neil Gaiman: The Ocean at the End of the Lane

A man goes back to the village in which he grew up in to attend…

Lily Koppel: Astronaut Wives Club

Behind every successful man stands a great woman – or so the saying goes. Too…

Paulo Coelho: Manuscript Found in Accra

Brazilian novelist, Paulo Coelho, has enjoyed huge recognition and praise since the release of his…

Shereen El Feki: Sex & the Citadel

Since 2011, much has been written about the Arab Spring and Egypt in particular. Most…

Amy Mowafi: Fe-Mail 2

Entrepreneur, socialite, TV personality, wife, mother, daughter, sister; life is tough for Amy ‘Superwoman’ Mowafi.…