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The Last Face: Sean Penn Takes on War Torn Africa in Soppy Romantic Drama

The Last Face: Sean Penn Takes on War Torn Africa in Soppy Romantic Drama

Tabla Luna: A Tasty Slice of Latin America in Sheikh Zayed

Chimichurri, Huancaina, Torta De Tres Leches - difficult to spell, easy to gorge on.

Angie's Place: All-Day Breakfast Bust

it's the most important meal of the day, so why not have it all day.

Fifty Shades Darker: Insipid, Flavourless and Just Plain Bad

Although its been one of the most talked about in recent times, the latest in…

Birdcage: Delicious Degustation Menu at Cairo's Top Thai Restaurant

Birdcage once again proves its the best Thai restaurant in town.

The Founder: The Fascinating (and Disturbing) Rise of McDonald's

Depicting the rise of McDonald’s and telling the untold story behind the man who made…

The Lego Batman Movie: Not 'Everything is Awesome', But it's Still Pretty Great

With a huge cast of characters, fast-paced action and humour, this is one hell of…

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Cowbell: New Branch, New Menu, New Recipes

There's been a noticeable and welcome improvement in the restaurant's food.

Athanor: Homely Dahab Pizzeria Brings a Slice of Italy to Sinai

The hippie hotspot of Dahab is famous for its laid back lifestyle and world class…

John Wick Chapter Two: Another Round of Delicious Keanu-Starring Mayhem

2014's surprise action hit get a well-deserved sequel.

Rings: One Hollywood Revisit Too Many of What Was Once a Japanese Horror Classic

The reason behind the resurrection of the infamous Samara in F. Javier Gutierrez’s Rings is…

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nada meabed

Le Chalet

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Khaled Achraf Doghiem

John Wick: Chapter 2

American Buffalo: Theatre X's Low Budget Production Makes Big Impact

Theatre X's first production is full of energy, commitment and verve.

Ovio: Newest Branch at CFC Has Some Catching Up to Do

Ovio has been one of the best new additions to the dining scene in recent…

Culina: The Brunch of Champions at The Nile Ritz-Carlton

Culina knocks it out of the proverbial park.

Silence: Scorsese Passion Project Divides Moviegoers

Gangsters and criminals make way for priests and samurais in Scorsese's latest project.

Palma: High Quality Bags, Chic Designs, All Made in Egypt

One thing we’ve all notice, is the rise of prices never seems to come to…