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Backfire: There's Much More to This Restaurant Than Burgers...

Backfire: There's Much More to This Restaurant Than Burgers...

The Stonegrill: Porto Cairo Restaurant Fails to Offer Anything Unique

You know when everything's a bit 'meh'? This is one of those times.

Napa Grill: Festive Family Fetar Buffet at Fairmont Nile City

Sometimes, it pays to be simple.

Max Burgers: Swedish Burger Chain Impresses at River Walk Mall

Proof that you can be good without spectacular r falling into gimmicks.

Bocca: The 'Eatery & Social House' Mohandiseen Deserves

Finallu, Mohadiseen has a new venue that isn't a cafe or fast-food restaurant!

Feed the Machine: Nickelback Return to Form with New Album

The veteran rockers have had their ups and downs over the years, but this one…

El Hanafeya: Great Food & Chilled Atmosphere at The Tap East

We all knew The Tap East knew food, but their Ramadan sohour buffet is outstanding.

Cinnabon: Hit-and-Miss Twists on Special Ramadan Bites Box

Not everything works in Cinnabon's special Ramadan box.

Crave: Alexandria Finally Has a Quality Seaside Restaurant

Crave's airy interior and 180° sea view are stunning.

La Gourmandise: Gluttonous by Name, (Deliciously) Gluttonous by Nature

It's funny because'La Gourmandise' means 'the gluttony' in French. No? Fine, you come up with…

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David M. Medhat

Shocks Burgers

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David M. Medhat

Red Ribbon


Ahwak Salon de Thé: Elegant New Hangout in Zamalek I was there on the 5th day of Ramadan 2017 the place is nice but overpriced with 150…

Madi Ricky

Johnny’s Its nice place for friends outing, good & friendly stuff but sometimes disconnected with guests .. fair overall


Seecoz: ‘Street Greek’ On Fleek in New Cairo So authentic and tasty!

Here Alone: Thoughtful, Intimate But Ultimately Forgettable Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

There are pieces of a good film here, but it doesn't quite come together.

Ovio: European Cuisine Specialist Goes Turkish with Ramadan Menu

European food specialist, Ovio, made the drastic decision to give the Cordon Bleu and the…

The Batter Half & Co: Simple Spins on Ramadan Classics

How creative can you really be with Balah El Sham?

The Four Fat Ladies: Cairo's Best Bakery Does it Again with Ramadan Specials

How is anyone meant to 'eat sensibly' during Ramadan with The Four Fat Ladies on…