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Good Stuff Eatery: Tasty Burgers at Sheikh Zayed’s Galleria40‎

Good Stuff Eatery: Tasty Burgers at Sheikh Zayed’s Galleria40‎

Midway: Is It Interesting, or Just Too Much?‎

A chance to watch ships exploding, and planes crashing in water.

arts & culture cairo +19

Doctor Sleep: A Risk Worth Taking?‎

If you are a fan of The Shining, you will be slightly disappointed.

cairo Cairo cinema +10

Pyramids Restaurant: A Long-Standing Local Egyptian Food Restaurant in ‎Al-Haram ‎

Definitely worth a visit from locals and foreigners alike.

cairo city +10

Playing with Fire: Worn Out or A Foolproof Winner?‎

Offering fewer laughs than you'd expect.

cairo Cairo cinema +15

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Garbi Today i was there reading the menu i notice many mistakes in the names of the plates (totally…

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Caracas The most delicious Lebanese Fattah in town


Fifth Street Coffee: Delicious Baked Goods at Cairo Festival City worst service and quality ever!!!!! twice the order comes late, wrong order, missing items and the quality assurance…


Boulevard Try breakfast there the stuff are great and overall atmosphere is nice and the breakfast is good, drinks…

Mohamed El Sherbieny

Cairo Jazz Club Definitely one of Cairo's legendary nightspots which appeals to all tastes. Highly recommend visiting the first chance you…

Rania Elgayar

أويا لاونج – Oya Lounge very good food good juice very very good coffee quiet place with wow music all crew work all…

Terminator - Dark Fate: A Fresh Start

Still serves something familiar to an avid Terminator fan.

cairo Cairo cinema +16

CaiRoma: Unique Italian Experience in the Heart of Downtown Cairo

One of the city's additions to the list of Italian restaurants.

bab el louq cairo +13

Killerman: Such a Waste of Potential ‎

Interesting premise, boring execution.

cairo Cairo cinema +10