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Here Alone: Thoughtful, Intimate But Ultimately Forgettable Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

Here Alone: Thoughtful, Intimate But Ultimately Forgettable Post-Apocalyptic Thriller

A Family Man: Terribly Unoriginal, Horribly Manipulative & Just Plain Boring

Who on earth thought this would be a good idea?

The Assignment: One of the Most Peculiar Film Plots of 2017

Whether they’re sweeping sci-fi fantasies or gritty dramas, movies ask audiences to suspend their disbelief;…

Alien: Covenant Sees Ridley Scott's Series (Almost) Return to its Ferocious Best

It doesn't quite hit the heights of the original 'Alien' movies, but 'Covenant' has certainly…

The Zookeeper's Wife: Remarkable True WWII Story Gets Moving Adaptation

Jessica Chastain proves once again why she's one of the best working actors in Hollywood…

Everything, Everything: Sappy Young-Adult Romance Has its Moments

If you can put up with the sappiness, there's a decent watch in this YA…

Mine: Compelling Psychological Thriller Lacks Focus to Drive Drama Home

Armie Hammer's one-man-show falls at the last hurdle.

The Devil's Candy: A Surprisingly Good, Heavy-Metal-Sprinkled Horror

There is something eerily special and surprisingly heartfelt about Sean Byrne’s The Devil’s Candy. Following…

Headshot: Brutal, Unrelenting Indonesian Martial Arts Thriller

Iko Uwais leads the charge in what could turn out to be a surprise action…

Free Fire: British Action-Comedy Barks Harder Than it Bites

Bang, bang he shot me (and everyone else) down, bang bang.

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Ahwak Salon de Thé: Elegant New Hangout in Zamalek I was there on the 5th day of Ramadan 2017 the place is nice but overpriced with 150…

Madi Ricky

Johnny’s Its nice place for friends outing, good & friendly stuff but sometimes disconnected with guests .. fair overall


Seecoz: ‘Street Greek’ On Fleek in New Cairo So authentic and tasty!

Editors’ choice This Year

The Lost City of Z: A Large-Scale Production that is Larger than Life

The main talking point of the biographical drama, The Lost City of Z, is documenting…

Killing Ground: A Violent, Brutal But Brilliant Slow-Burn Thriller

Though not exactly original, there is something disturbingly eerie - and dare we say real…

The Promise: Too Much 'Soap-Opera', Not Enough 'Historical Drama'

The most expensive feature ever made about the Armenian Genocide falls short.

The Circle: Slick Techno-Thriller Fails to Bring Anything New to Social Media Privacy Rhetoric

This is a film with plenty to say, but we've heard it all before.