The Definitive Guide to Living in the Capital , Cairo , Egypt


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mahmoud.el ansary

Al Jinani Its in down town near tahrir square :) and i am going on just to fill in the…


Ahwak Salon de Thé: Elegant New Hangout in Zamalek I was there on the 5th day of Ramadan 2017 the place is nice but overpriced with 150…


Mirai not the best sushi or food you can have. portions are not enough .at end my coffee was…

Mohammad Ezz

Flamenco Café Its the Golden Tulip Flamenco Hotel not just the Flamenco Hotel. Cozy and relaxing, yet over prised

Waseem.El Tanahi

Cairo Jazz Club The Cairo Jazz Club holds legendary status amongst Cairo's nightspots. Going strong for many years, the CJC caters…

wael walid

Chicago: The Curse of 45 Michel Bakhoum Street Continues Amazing view, excellent service

Robin Hood: New Is Not Always Better

A twist on an old story.

cairo Cairo cinema +15

Pokémon Casting Choice Sparks Controversy

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Your emotions are sure to be very mixed.

cairo city +12

Ralph Breaks the Internet: Mixed Feelings

The film has its fun moments.

cairo Cairo cinema +14

Welcome Home: Recipe

Welcome Home played it safe.

cairo Cairo cinema +13

New in Cairo Cinemas: What to Expect From This Week’s Top Film Releases

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Cairo cinemas are filled with options.

cairo Cairo cinema +15