The Definitive Guide to Living in the Capital , Cairo , Egypt


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Ahmed Issawy

Crave Crave is one of my favorite dining venues in Cairo because they know how to keep their standards.


Free State of Jones Its a really nice movie from Mathew mcconaughey .. Incredible acting I like all his movies also Dallas…

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Boho Gallery Unique stuff


Plein Air Plein Air has nice, if not luxurious (mostly fake flowers), facilities with a far-out location, and difficult for…

Ramy torky

لازار: بدل رجالي أنيقة في محل صغير بالكوربة محل رائع والبدل مستوردة وتحفة. اسعارة غالية شوية بس يستاهل


Il Loft: Rustic Italian Restaurant at Arkan Mall Falls Just Short of Being Great This has to be the slowest restaurant in Egypt. When you eventually get your food...quite frankly the wait…

Charlie’s Angels: A Powerful Feminist Reboot?‎

Less sexist, which is very applaudable, but...

arts arts & culture +19

Haunt: A New Take on a Cliché Plotline

Haunt is meant to be scary, and it delivers!

arts arts & culture +19

Midway: Is It Interesting, or Just Too Much?‎

A chance to watch ships exploding, and planes crashing in water.

arts & culture cairo +19

Doctor Sleep: A Risk Worth Taking?‎

If you are a fan of The Shining, you will be slightly disappointed.

cairo Cairo cinema +10

Playing with Fire: Worn Out or A Foolproof Winner?‎

Offering fewer laughs than you'd expect.

cairo Cairo cinema +15