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Fantasy Island: Careful What You Wish

Fantasy Island: Careful What You Wish

Sonic the Hedgehog: Tampering with Memories?‎

Sonic's fans may be interested in watching this new feature.

arts arts & culture +17

Parasite: An Intriguing Experience‎

Whether it will appease or annoy, sheer curiosity makes Parasite an intriguing experience.

arts arts & culture +17

Gretel and Hansel: An Actual Scare?‎

The traditional fairytale is switched up a little!

arts arts & culture +17

Little Women: Offering Anything New?

A book is always better than the movie, don’t we all agree?

arts & culture cairo +12

Miss Americana: Good Girl is Still Good

The documentary does depict reality, at least from Swift’s eyes.

arts arts & culture +6

‎ Jojo Rabbit: A Debatable Absurdist Approach

Check out what we have to say about the movie!

arts & culture cairo +16

Marriage Story: A Marvellous Tale of Divorce

Although a marriage had ended, a family stood strong.

arts & culture Culture +4

The Great Alaskan Race: Cracked Ice

The Great Alaskan Race had great potential.

arts arts & culture +20

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Mirai not the best sushi or food you can have. portions are not enough .at end my coffee was…

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بث مباشر: محاولة سينمائية غير موفقة لمناقشة قضايا المجتمع *لما تكتبوا مقال وتسموه نقدي تبقوا تقدموا نقد للفيلم مش هجوم وخلاص .. كاتبين السيناريو بعيد عن الملل…


Dos Cañas Amazing view, excellent service, tasty food and unforgettable experience... thanks doscanas restaurant's team

Mahamad El Tanahy

Dos Cañas Love this place. Great view, fresh air and the food is very good. Worth a visit - just…

Waseem.El Tanahi

Gŭ Lounge One of Cairo's better nightspots at the moment. Best to reserve before heading there though as it gets…

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Jack Flag

Captain El Malah: Horrendous Pet Shop in Zamalek لو سمحت هى لسة موجودة او فى تانى

A Hidden Life: Will it Leave its Mark?‎

Tackles very relevant and powerful themes.

arts arts & culture +13

The Turning: Could it Be the Best ‘The Turn of the Screw’ Cinematic Adaptation?‎

Featured image via © 2020 STORYTELLER DISTRIBUTION CO., LLC. All Rights Reserved. Creating a…

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The Gentlemen: Captivating, or Sleep Inducing?‎

Can The Gentlemen keep the audience alert?

arts arts & culture +18

Bad Boys for Life: Still Bad?‎

A must-watch for Bad Boys fans.

arts arts & culture +16

Balloon: An Intense Setup that Raises Expectations

Can its execution live up to expectations?

arts arts & culture +18