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Gigi Burger Bar: High-end Menu with a Casual Twist at Sheikh Zayed’s Arkan Mall

Gigi Burger Bar: High-end Menu with a Casual Twist at Sheikh Zayed’s Arkan Mall

Oliveto: Italian Breakfast at Beverly Hills’ West Town Hub

Oliveto announced its breakfast menu mid-December 2019, so we had to try it out!

cairo city life +10

‎ India Gate: Quirky Indian Dining Experience in Mohandseen

Aside from the dessert, all the food was excellent and delicious.

cairo city +7

Hana: Tasting Korean Flavours in One of Zamalek’s Hidden Restaurants

Tucked away in one of Zamalek’s side streets.

cairo chinese +13

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Omar Khaled

النبطي عندما بدات في قرأة هذه الرواية لم اكن افهم لماذا إختيار إسم النبطي وهو ليس من ابطال الرواية…

Mohamed Maged

Sully Very nice movie and amazing actor It's a good movie and all actors Thanks tom hanks and thanks…


مطعم باب اليمن: أحلى فراخ مندي في الدقي مطعم باب اليمن جيد فى المكان والضيافة والخدمة والهدوء الديكورات والإضاءة تحفة فنية *لكن اهم شئ وهو الطعام…


The Nile Ritz-Carlton The hotel, the staff, the food, the view, all in all perfect place for any occasion.

Mourad M. Fahim

Bar D’O The venue looks ok. The crow are teenagers with newly grown mustaches. The trick is the drinks over…


New Year’s Eve in Cairo 2019: Dinners, Parties, and More…‎

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Happy New Year!

belly dancers dinners +6

Fat Cow: Burgers and Juicy Wings in Maadi

It's back in action.

Burger cairo +11

15 Outstanding Dishes and Desserts in Cairo You Need To Try Right Now

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Here's to those who respect our taste buds!

BRGR cairo +22

Christmas Dinners in Cairo 2019: Here’s Where, When, and How Much

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Get your plans set!

christmas dinners city +9