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Enab Beirut: Expectations Were Not Met

Enab Beirut: Expectations Were Not Met

Lucca Steakhouse to Get a Brand New Branch

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Beach and steak? Yes, please.

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Zitouni: Delicious Iftar at the Four Seasons Nile Plaza

We totally enjoyed our Iftar at Zitouni.

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Head to These Spots for a Uniquely Delicious Sohour

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You can't miss with these sohour spots.

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Ovio: Ramadan Iftar Done Right

It's always a great delight to dine at Ovio.

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Many Happy Returns to Ayadina’s Delicious Ramadan Open Buffet!

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An all-inclusive feast of Lebanese goodness.

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Bosporus: Delicious Iftar at Turkish Restaurant

Overall, our experience with Bosporus’ Iftar had its ups and downs.

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A Memorable Ramadan Awaits You at Sheraton Cairo Hotel

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Whether it’s Sohour, Iftar, desserts, or even shisha, you can find it all at Sheraton…

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This Delicious Sohour Menu Is a Ramadan Must-Try

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Cairo’s recently opened restaurant celebrates its first Ramadan.

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Five Restaurants That Won’t Break Your Bank This Ramadan

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Iftar doesn't have to be that expensive.

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User reviews

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Waseem El Tanahi

Mandarine Koueider One of the best places in Cairo to get dessert! A must try!

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Waseem El Tanahi

Frank & Co: Outstanding Experience at Maadi’s Newest Restaurant Ive become a regular all too fast at this place and rightly so. I cant help but love…

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Waseem El Tanahi

L’Asiatique: Asian Cuisine by the Nile One of my all time favorite classic restaurants in Cairo.

Lamyaa nader

Ganoub Why isn't there pictures available here for the studio?

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Janna Mohamed

Costa Coffee انا ذهبت للفرع دا النهاردة و محدش جه لمدة نصف ساعة قمت و مشيت الخدمة مقرفة بصراحة It…

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Nadya Hassan

One Oak للأسف الشديد جدا جدا ...انا بجد مش مصدق ان احنا وصلنا لهذه المرحلة في الخدمة في التجمع الحقيقية…

Stonewood: A Grill & Pizzeria Where You Can Be the Chef

Pasta, risottos, pizza, and more.

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Ramadan Is All Fun and Games at the Courtyard Maadi

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It seems that The Courtyard knows all too well how to celebrate Ramadan!

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Mashawich: A Ramadan Iftar Experience That Left Us With Mixed Feelings

A unique experience at a Dokki restaurant.

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Ted’s: New branch at Capital Business Park

Sheikh Zayed residents, rejoice!

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