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The Republic: The 'Meat & Fresh Pasta' Bar that Could Take Mohandiseen by Storm

The Republic: The 'Meat & Fresh Pasta' Bar that Could Take Mohandiseen by Storm

Carlo’s Beach Bar: Breakfast and Brunch by the Beach Done Right

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We’re neck-deep in that wonderful thing that has come to be known as ‘Sahel Season’,…

Kempinski Nile Hotel: Friday Brunch? BBQ Nights? Don’t Mind if We Do…

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Eat like a king at the Garden City hotel!

Beit El Ezz: A Warm & Colourful Slice of Lebanon at Mall of Egypt

It doesn't offer anything particularly special, but Mall of Egypt is better for having it.

Akli: Sandwich Place Has Great Ideas But Falls Down on Sloppy Execution

Despite receiving a rather average review last year, we still left Akli feeling that the…

Ravish: Proof That 'Whatever Can Go Wrong, Will Go Wrong'

What happens when Murphy's Law meets Cairo burger restaurant...

Maharaja: Indian Restaurant Chain is Still One of the Best

There's nothing wrong with restaurant chains - just as long as they can be consistent.

Backfire: There's Much More to This Restaurant Than Burgers...

We came for the burgers, but came back for so much more.

The Stonegrill: Porto Cairo Restaurant Fails to Offer Anything Unique

You know when everything's a bit 'meh'? This is one of those times.

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Shocks Burgers

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Ahwak Salon de Thé: Elegant New Hangout in Zamalek I was there on the 5th day of Ramadan 2017 the place is nice but overpriced with 150…

Madi Ricky

Johnny’s Its nice place for friends outing, good & friendly stuff but sometimes disconnected with guests .. fair overall


Seecoz: ‘Street Greek’ On Fleek in New Cairo So authentic and tasty!

Ayadina Hits a Ramadan Homerun…Again

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Lebanese restaurants are a dime a dozen across Cairo, but few nail down the authenticity…

Napa Grill: Festive Family Fetar Buffet at Fairmont Nile City

Sometimes, it pays to be simple.

Max Burgers: Swedish Burger Chain Impresses at River Walk Mall

Proof that you can be good without spectacular r falling into gimmicks.

Bocca: The 'Eatery & Social House' Mohandiseen Deserves

Finallu, Mohadiseen has a new venue that isn't a cafe or fast-food restaurant!

Five Very Tasty Reasons to Visit Four Seasons Nile Plaza Before the End of Ramadan

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Hurry - before it's too late!