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‎‘Reviving Humanity’ Memorial: A Gently, Artistic Reminder of What Unites Humanity at Sharm El ‎Sheikh

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‎‘Reviving Humanity’ Memorial: A Gently, Artistic Reminder of What Unites Humanity at Sharm El ‎Sheikh
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    Torn apart by conflicts, it seems like the world has become devoid of the true essence of humanity; love for peace, empathy, kindness, and sincerity. These moral pillars, on which humanity is built have been forgotten amid constant clashes between different ideologies, mindsets, and cultures. 

    Acknowledging the crucial role that art plays in bridging gaps between people from all walks of life; World Youth Forum and Shosha Kamal Design House join forces for the second time in a row, delivering a message of peace to the world through the second phase of the memorial entitled Reviving Humanity.

    Curated by Peacock for Art, phase one, which was inaugurated last year during the 2nd edition of World Youth Forum in November, saw 72 artists from 72 countries coming together to celebrate humanity and peace. Following the main aim of the project, each artist created a design that is inspired by the human heart, which, in fact, happens to be one of the things we all have in common, despite our many differences.

    This year’s phase, 122 artists from 122 countries are set to represent their unique vision of the human heart using their preferred medium, in the shape of sculptures that will be showcased on marble pillars of the same shape and size, to depict unity and equality among humans.

    This is what to expect during the 3rd edition of World Youth Forum, but next year, phase three will include even a wider selection of artists from 195 countries, who will add their own human, artistic touch to the permanent installation.

    Speaking of which, Sharm El Sheik is the hosting city of the Reviving Humanity permanent memorial, boasting a serene location amid the picturesque mountains.

    It’s worth mentioning that the outdoor memorial will serve more than a cause; it will shine a light on the importance of public art in Egypt, especially that it’s the first of its kind. It will build bridges between the country, its citizens, and its visitors. Not just that, a free-access public memorial is sure to strike a cultural conversations between different identities, cultures, ideas, as well as artistic disciplines.

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