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Beyond the Disaster: The Cinematic Haven of Studio Al Ahram

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Beyond the Disaster: The Cinematic Haven of Studio Al Ahram
written by
Malak Gharib
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With the tragic news of the fire that emerged in studio Al Ahram last week, we’ve all been curious to figure out more about this historic place beyond the recent tragedy. The renowned studio has witnessed joyful moments of success and was the location where many beloved movies were shot. Featured in our classic favourites, here is everything you need to know about Studio Al Ahram.

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A dream come true for Egyptian cinematographers, Studio Al Ahram was brought to life through the vision of Avapkhlos Avramosis and Paris Belvis. From 1944, the location became a hub for Egyptian creativity and was a turning point in the realm of cinema. This artistic and cinematic haven was a place where ideas were born, made, filmed, and perfected. From Raya wa Sekina to Ibn Hamido and Hadith El Sabah wal Masaa’, more than 450 films and series were filmed in Studio Al Ahram. Built on a vast space of 27,000 square metres, the multi-purpose studio had three production stages (or filming locations), a screening room, and an editing suite. 

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Eighty years later, the iconic location mysteriously caught on fire. The fire took six hours to put out during the filming of Mostafa Shabaan’s series Al Meallem for this Ramadan. The Public Prosecution has opened an investigation to determine the cause of the enormous fire. Additionally, Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly and Minister of Culture Nevine El-Kilany visited the afflicted site and promised compensation to affected families.