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Cairo Technology Week to Take Place This June at Hilton Cairo Heliopolis

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Cairo Technology Week to Take Place This June at Hilton Cairo Heliopolis
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Technology always starts with the spark of an innovative idea, which then sets off a chain reaction that inspires and benefits millions across the globe. Egypt is definitely one of those countries that does not shy away from exploiting the benefits of the internet to the fullest extent. According to Statista, a German online portal for statistics, the number of smartphone users in Egypt is estimated to potentially reach a total amount of 28 million by 2019! That being said, smartphones are just one small fish in a sea of various technological creations. As a result, it came as no surprise to us when we came across Cairo Technology Week.

The highly anticipated event will take place from June 17th to June 19th at Hilton Cairo Heliopolis. The estimated attendance is 10,000 visitors and 100-500 exhibitors, according to, over a span of approximately 13 hours daily. So what is Cairo Technology Week? Well, most of our sources share one common description: “It is the most exclusive technology event which brings together global vendors, technology providers, systems integrators and the most influential ICT decision makers from various sectors such as banking & financial services, manufacturing, insurance, government, education, media & publishing, energy, oil & gas, pharmaceutical, healthcare, telecommunications, construction & real estate, transportation & freight, technology & services, travel & leisure and retail.”  

If you visit the event’s official website, you will find all the necessary details. The page starts off with the exciting slogan, “Deploying Tomorrow’s Technologies Today”. The display of the featured technologies is so comprehensive that we were, as the Brits say, completely gobsmacked, from access control security and advertising technology all the way to Artificial Intelligence, and much more.

Cairo Technology Week will comprise of technical sessions, interactive discussions, delegates, a smart exhibition area, and top level networking & business development opportunities. You can read a lot more extensively about all this on the website. If you’re wondering how much, ticket prices range from absolutely nothing to $200 per person depending on what you are planning to see and do at the event. Access to exhibitions only is completely free, but attending panels, conference keynotes, and sessions will cost more, especially if you select the VIP ticket. There are also group tickets ($600 for 4 persons).    

Based on the timer actively counting down the remaining period on the website, we expect to see you at the event in 53 days, 20 hours, and some odd minutes!