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New Danish-Themed Coworking Space, Hygge, Lands in New Cairo

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New Danish-Themed Coworking Space, Hygge, Lands in New Cairo
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Featured image via Hygge


Technically, inspiration is the process of being mentally motivated to do or feel something, especially something creative. Cultural inspiration has been a common influence for many centuries that resulted in magnificent achievements, such as Greek-influenced Roman architecture, Arabic-influenced Turkish language, and countless others. Fast forward a few millennia, we now have a Danish-themed coworking space right here in New Cairo, called Hygge.

Hygge’s story originally started in 2015 when they had dozens of ideas to support youth development and assess their improvement. To fully utilise this valuable data, they were faced with the dilemma of choosing the optimum location. They believed that a comfortable space where businesses could thrive was the ideal solution for them to reach their full potential. Thanks to their passion, persistence, and teamwork, Hygge coworking space was introduced to the Egyptian society at Villa 195, Banafseg 7, 1st Settlement, Tagmoa, New Cairo.   

The company overview on their Facebook page says that “Hygge Coworking strives to give you the experience of working in the set-up of a good mood, good lighting, soft music, comfy chairs, wooden designs, old books, teacups. The feel of the good vibes, the smell of the coffee beans, the homey breeze, the place strong aura [sic], along with having the opportunity to have connections, and build up your network. In fact, desirable community with a good company.”

You’re probably wondering by now, “When are they going to talk about the weird name in the title?” Well, it seems that the coworking space also predicted such a question would pop up sooner or later. They explained that they borrowed the hygge word from the Danish language because it sums up all the words and things that they want to say and have in their coworking space respectively. They elaborate,

“Hygge is pronounced as Hue-gah or Hoo-gah. It is described as cosiness, warmth, joy, and well-being. Hygge is more of a feeling or a mood than a specific word, it is a pleasant state of mind, it is to think and feel satisfied. And that’s what we aim at in our coworking space, to provide to you an atmosphere of pleasure, comfort, togetherness, and satisfaction.” 

Speaking of Denmark, we recently discovered a piece in Startup Guide that recommends Copenhagen as the place to be for entrepreneurs and a great area for startups. So, way to go Hygge coworking space; you really know how to pick the ideal vibe to ensure maximum progress and inspiration. Based on the New Yorker’s recent article on people’s obsession with the concept of Hygge, you’re really on the money!