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Ramadan Reminiscence: Memorable Ads That Touched Our Hearts

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Ramadan Reminiscence: Memorable Ads That Touched Our Hearts
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Cairo 360
Still from Vodafone’s Al Eila Al Kebira (2016)

Every Ramadan, our TV indulgence extends beyond the series we love to encompass a great many ads, and a handful of ads end up captivating our hearts every year. So, let’s evoke a pang of nostalgia as we delve into the most memorable Ramadan ads from previous years!


Etisalat’s Aalo Magnoon El Yefakar (2010)

Featuring eminent stars including Youssra, Ahmed Ezz, Hind Sabry, Ezzat Abu Auf, Donia Samir Ghanem, and Mohamed Mounir, this ad had breathtaking visuals, our all-time favourite stars, and most importantly, a catchy and uplifting song that had us all hooked!


True Chips’ Ad Series (2011)

Presenting a series of ads, True Chips surely added a delightful touch of humour to our screens! With different narratives, the ads comedically depicted characters indulging in True Chips and suddenly feeling compelled to speak their minds. 


Etisalat’s Ad Series (2012)

Unlike their 2010 musical ad, Etisalat introduced a series of advertisements in Ramadan 2012, proving just how innovative and diverse they are. Each presented a scenario infused with clever wit and relatable, comedic situations—all with the aim of showcasing how Etisalat’s service enhanced people’s lives.


Mobinil/Orange’s Dayman Maa’ Baa’d (2012)

With a heartfelt and captivating song, Mobinil (now Orange) was able to portray the spirit of giving and connection that has always been prevalent in Egypt. Using emotionally resonant storytelling, evocative visuals, and a moving song, the ad fostered a sense of warmth, goodwill, and appreciation for our country.


National Bank of Egypt’s Real Estate Loan Ads (2014)

Introducing various scenarios portraying the need for NBE’s real estate loans, these ads were characterised by their intense relatability and, as always, humour, making them stand out and resonate with the viewers.


Al Arousa Tea (2015)

Starring the one and only Amr Abdel Gelil, different stories unfolded in which characters playfully asked obvious questions that we all ask at least once a day. The playful twist in the ad was “What’s your preferred tea?” as just another obvious question! We all know the answer to that is Al Arousa – right?


Vodafone’s Qowetak Fe Eiltak (2015)

A song that is etched in our memory, Vodafone’s musical ad in 2015 focused on themes of connectivity and unity within families, featuring beloved stars like Moustafa Fahmi, Hussain Fahmi, Dalal Abdel Aziz, and Amy Samir Ghanem. 


Vodafone’s Al Eila Al Kebira (2016)

It seems like Vodafone has a streak of mastering memorable musical ads! Featuring a stellar lineup including Ahmed Al Sakka, Layla Elwy, and Hakim, Vodafone once again succeeded in uniting audiences over their portrayal of large families in Ramadan.


Orange’s Gary Ya Gary (2018)

Another musical ad, this one revolved around the idea of loving your neighbours and community. However, what really captivated everyone was the song, which to this day is used every Ramadan on TikTok!