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Sanctuary Music Festival: A Transcendent Experience by the Red Sea

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Sanctuary Music Festival: A Transcendent Experience by the Red Sea
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    Cairo 360

    On April 25th 2019, Sanctuary Music Festival will start, and it will run until the 26th of April. This two day festival will give you the chance to touch base with the most psychedelic of tunes and the hottest of sounds. That being said, this festival will offer its attendees more than just music. Indeed, the essence of this festival lies within it being a comprehensive and transcendent experience, shared with a multicultural crowd in a breathtakingly beautiful Red Sea city, Ras Sudr. As such, your eyes and ears will be treated to a one of a kind musical encounter!

    Enter a world full of famous artists that will be performing like never before: Citizen Kain, Lunar Plane ,Moon Walk, Dizharmonia, Goro and many more will be blasting the festival. Moreover, some of our locals favourites will also be taking to the stage: Hot Oasis, Karim Yousry, Omar Khalifa, Ouzo, and Sebzz will all be there!

    It’s about that fine tune that creates a moment which makes you realise that it’s just you, the music, the sand, and the sea. Let the music guide you, follow your inner voice, and relish in that cool sea breeze. So go ahead, grab your early bird tickets, and start planning your road trip to the Concorde Royal Beach, located in southern Ras Sudr!